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Announcing The Agent Award Categories for ENCON2016

Announcing The Agent Award Categories for ENCON2016

We are excited to announce the categories for this year's first annual Agent Awards Gala! The gala will follow the Agent Summit on Friday, September 30, 2016. At this time, we will recognize agents in our network who have demonstrated excellence in leveraging technology in their day-to-day business. 

Out of the thirteen categories listed below, only the top 10 will be selected. A panel of network members will review all nominations to determine the winners for each category. Stay tuned as we announce the nominees in the coming weeks!

Best Use of Rebrand Technology

Nominees will be judged based on creative customizations of their agent websites as well as how they integrate their websites into their overall strategy.

Best Use of IPW Technology

Points will be awarded for the most impressive IPW. IPWs are expected to be full of rich content and go way past what is provided on the property detail pages that are duplicated around the web. Additional points will be scored for creative ways that the nominee integrates IPWs into their overall strategy.

Best Use of Rich Media

There is so much rich media content that agents have access to; from HD photography, to interactive floorplans, to drone videos and much more. Nominees will be judged on the diversity of rich media used, but more importantly the where, how and why they use rich media the way they do.

Best Social Media Strategy

Agents that will score well in this category are ones that leverage a variety of social media channels effectively. Successful strategies are ones that can boast high engagement and even better, solid leads.

Best Content Strategy

To score high in this category nominees will need to have an effective content marketing strategy. The content pieces as well as the method to gain them exposure will contribute to the overall score.

Best CRM Strategy

Our CRM has a variety of tools and features. Which team/agent is using it most effectively and why? The focus will not be solely on campaigns. Everything from tags, tasks, notes, sync, CRM app, contact worksheet data, etc. can be factored in to make an effective strategy. We want to see somewhat of a workflow/daily/weekly/monthly/annual routine that the nominee uses effectively.

Best Lead Strategy

Which agent has the most effective lead strategy? Points will be awarded for volume of leads, lead conversion ratio, closing volumes assisted by technology. Focus will be placed on what part technology plays at every point of the lead lifecycle.

Most Creative Digital Campaign

This award is based on a single campaign. It can be a particular piece of content and its marketing strategy, a unique mailer, a unique email campaign, etc. Points will be awarded for creativity and effectiveness.

Most Effective Use of Technology in a Listing Presentation

Which of your agents incorporates technology into their listing presentations to help win sellers? The diversity of technology features offered as well as the delivery method will weigh into the overall score.

Best Team Implementation Strategy

Our platform is geared to help teams as a whole as much as it does each of their individual agents and staff. We are looking to find which team implements technology into their strategy in the most effective way.

The booj Award (Original or Jealous Award)

Which of your agents does things a bit differently? Who is most unique? Who is most original? This award will be judged by our team alone. What we are looking for is someone that really stands out from the crowd and helps raise your company flag in the process.

Best Use of Technology in the Luxury Market

Exposure and differentiation are key factors in marketing luxury properties. Which of your agents are using technology to help get the upper hand in the Luxury Market?

Best Use of Testimonials

We have recently seen a surge in members encouraging the use of testimonials among their agents. Who is using these testimonials to drum up more business? What other unique ways are agents leveraging their testimonials?

Want to Submit a Nomination?

Do you know an agent in The Enterprise Network who deserves to be nomninated for one of these awards? Download this list of categories, as well as the rules and guidelines for submitting your nomination. The deadline for submission is 5:00pm on May 11, 2016 so don't delay!


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