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Becoming a Better Brand: Insights from MozCon 2013

Becoming a Better Brand: Insights from MozCon 2013

The Enterprise Network team had the pleasure of attending Mozcon this year, a conference covering SEO and marketing trends from some of the brightest minds in the industry. If I could sum up the conference in one major takeaway, it would be build assets that Google can’t take away. Or in the words of Wil Reynolds: Do real company shit.

Rather than chasing Google’s consistent algorithm changes, build something that is genuinely awesome. Build a brand and a reputation that people actually like.

“Wanna win on the web? Become a brand people know and trust.” -Rand Fishkin, Mozcon 2013

As an industry we need to get away from blogging because we’re “suppose to blog”, posting infographics because we’ve heard “they go viral” and finding ways to cut corners when it comes to our online marketing efforts. Be intentional with your marketing. Everything you do needs to be backed up by a goal or a vision that comes from the mission of your company (even a simple blog post!).

With our annual conference approaching, one particular presentation was of even more interest to me. Karen McGrane’s presentation about the “Mobile Content Mandate” stressed the importance of knowing the workflow of how content gets created in your organization to build better content. Contrary to what we’ve heard in the past, she claimed,

“There is no such thing as writing content for mobile.”

Users should get the same experience (i.e. the same content) on a mobile device as they do on a desktop. I think it’s natural to assume that mobile users have different intentions than desktop users, and “optimizing for mobile” often means “optimizing for local” (which isn’t always the case). So why would we create a different experience for mobile users?

Her presentation was eye-opening for a few reasons, but it made us think more about how we develop content for our sites. People do enjoy reading long form content on a mobile device, and it actually provides a nice reading experience for users. The important part is that it’s great content.

Our whole team is very excited to discuss more mobile trends in a few short weeks! Are you ready for The Enterprise Network annual conference: "A Journey Into Mobile"?! Get ready!

7/19/2013 • By +Katelyn Shields

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