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RIP Net Neutrality

RIP Net Neutrality: What This Means for Real Estate

Internet critics are in an uproar due to a recent decision by a federal appeals court that appears to have struck down the FCC’s previous Open Internet Order. The argument was over free and open communication on the web and trying to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from playing favorites among websites. For instance, awarding faster speeds to sites that pay a special fee. Or, as consumer groups fear, slowing or blocking sites and services that compete with favored affiliates. I sat down with Tyler Olmsted, our frontend production manager, to discuss what it all means and how... MORE

April 30th, 2014 • By +Amanda Zaske

Companies Are Making Smart Houses a Reality For Everyone

Companies Who Are Making Smart Houses a Reality For Everyone

I remember when I was much younger watching the movie Smart House and being in awe of all the house could do and how everything was connected. I wondered how this technology would become part of my life in the future, and now that future is here.   Through connected devices, or as many call it the Internet of Things (IoT), our lives have changed dramatically. Initially the internet was based mainly on human-to-human interaction, but this is shifting as the IoT becomes more of a reality every day. Devices are coming online, connecting with one another, talking to other devices, and ... MORE

February 20th, 2014 • By +Guest Blogger

Is Bitcoin a Viable Option for Real Estate?

Is Bitcoin a Viable Option for Real Estate?

Bitcoin, an open source digital currency, has been making headlines for sometime. Recently, the buzz has entered the real estate industry as BOND New York became the first brokerage to announce their acceptance of bitcoin as a form of payment. This leaves me and many others wondering if bitcoin is a viable option for real estate. Bitcoin has proven to be a good medium of exchange because it’s easily transferable, divisible and universally valued. However, economists do not see it replacing the dollar anytime soon because it fails at what economists call a “store of value”.... MORE

January 16th, 2014 • By +Guest Blogger

Haunted Real Estate

Haunted Real Estate

Happy Halloween! I must say it doesn’t feel like Halloween season if I don’t watch some Ghost Hunters. It helps to get me in the spooky spirit. This combined with all the haunted stories I have heard from family, friends and acquaintances got me thinking: what happens when a realtor is asked to list a haunted house? Is there a market for this? Turns out, on Monday, October 28th Bernice Ross contributed some of her frightening experiences to Inman News. In this article she details two houses with dark pasts that not only scared her, but also potential buyers. One story centere... MORE

October 31st, 2013 • By +Guest Blogger

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