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Clark Realty Corporation Releases New Site on The Enterprise Network Platform

Clark Realty Corporation Releases New Site on The Enterprise Network Platform

After months of preparation, we’re ecstatic to announce that our newest member, Clark Realty Corporation, is live on The Enterprise Network Platform! Buyers and sellers on the Big Island of Hawaii now have a multitude of new search options and tools to aid them in their quest for the perfect island home.

If you visit their site,, you will immediately notice updates to the design on their homepage. Clark decided to stay with their traditional colors, but have incorporated larger, more engaging photography. Search options are also featured on the homepage, making it easy for users to quickly begin their home search.

One new feature that is custom for Clark Realty Corporation is the ability to control featured property galleries on the homepage within their admin. This has given Clark the ability to highlight unique properties that do not fall within traditional search guidelines like farms and ranches or Luxury Portfolio International® listings.

New Ways to Search for Big Island Real Estate

With the launch of their new site, Clark received the full Enterprise Network search suite and can now offer their customers new ways to search for their perfect piece of real estate. Advanced search options allow customers to filter listings by specific criteria including mountain or ocean views, golf frontage and more.

Additionally, through Proximity Search customers can find homes close to work and the updated Map Search gives them the option to draw their own boundaries to search within a desired parameter.  

To further help customers find exactly what they are looking for, Clark Realty Corporation  incorporated searches for condos, developments and open houses. They also added Site Search, the newest search option available within The Enterprise Network bringing them one step closer to a natural language search.

Customers can sort through properties that interest them through Clark’s new Property Bin as well. By adding properties to the Property Bin, customers can add them to their account favorites, conduct a side-by-side comparison, or create a driving tour to properties of interest.

Enhanced Community Pages

Clark Realty Corporation represents the Big Island of Hawaii, which is larger than all the other main Hawaiian Islands combined. The area is divided into nine districts, all of which are included on their community page.

Clark offers customers extensive information on their community pages. Through custom videos produced for each community, Clark is giving their customers a greater understanding of the area by showcasing the communities unique attributes and by interviewing residents about what they love about the community and the benefits of living there.

When your market is Hawaii, there is no shortage of beautiful scenery to display. Clark features this throughout their videos and on the community pages. By integrating these pages with their Flickr account, they are able to keep the photography fresh and updated.

Clark’s use of visual media is not the only thing that helps their community pages standout from the rest. They have an extensive market trends sections, incorporating five years of sales data! Users can see how their local market has fluctuated over the past several years and learn more about their real estate investment.

Unique Updates to Property Details Page

Through Clark’s MLS, we were able to incorporate new features on their property details pages not available on other Enterprise Network sites. Customers can now see property boundaries on the map view, and receive property records through a unique link to county data.

We’re proud to have Clark Realty Corporation as part of our network and are very excited about the enhancements made to If you haven’t browsed their new site yet, please do and let us know what you think!

5/2/2013 • By +Guest Blogger

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