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ENCON 2018 Schedule Announced

ENCON 2018 Schedule Announced

We’re thrilled to announce the session line-up for this year’s event! In line with our theme, “The Next T.E.N. Years: A New Era of Thinking,” our two day members-only event is packed with effective marketing and technology sessions to help attendees stay competitive for years to come.

Well-known and well-respected speakers from across the country will share high-level, actionable strategies, network members will discuss how they are successfully leveraging components on our platform, and boojers will unveil new technologies and our roadmap for the future — and so much more.

Join us as we unveil the next wave of technology that will take our platform to the next level and will bring new and powerful innovations to the industry!


Tuesday, November 13


Opening Address | John Sable, booj

One thing is certain in our industry: change is inevitable. Kicking off ENCON, John discusses the importance of embracing a new way of thinking in order to evolve alongside the ever-changing landscape of real estate.

The Future of booj | Adam Contos, RE/MAX

Through our recent acquisition, we’re able to push our platform to new heights more than ever before. Learn where the future of the booj platform is headed and how this partnership will impact everyone in the network.

New Releases on The Enterprise Platform | Jason Argo, booj

During this session, Jason shares new releases on our platform, upcoming development plans, and our initiatives for the new year.

Agile Workflow: Maintenance and Implementation | Alison Brunk + Dana Hembroff, booj

In this session, Alison revisits some of the agile concepts that were introduced at last year's ENCON and reviews how they have been implemented over the last year from a maintenance perspective. You will also hear from Dana, who leads the booj implementation team, which has grown significantly over the past year. She shares some of the new agile processes that we have integrated into our workflow and what this means for all of you moving forward.

Keynote Presentation | Wil Reynolds, Seer Interactive

Wil is no stranger to ENCON — and we’re excited to have him join us again this year! Wil shares tactics and tools to help take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Putting Marketing Back into Relationship Marketing | Julie Antuzzi, From Your Friends

When it comes to relationship marketing, the “marketing” aspect is just as important as the “relationship” component. Julie takes the stage to talk frequency, target audiences, calls to action, and more — and how those classical marketing strategies and tactics apply to relationship and referral marketing.

The Brokerage of the Future | Jed Carlson, Adwerx

Traditional brokerages are being disrupted from all angles — discounters, flat-raters, iBuyers and more.  All of these “disruptors” are defining who they are to the customer and making it more difficult for traditional brokers to differentiate. In this presentation Jed discusses why you need to start thinking of your brokerage as a platform, not just a brokerage.

Cultivating a New Breed of Top Producers | Mor Zucker, Kentwood Real Estate + Team Denver Homes

Don’t wait for great agents to come to you. Learn how you can help agents grow their business, while incentivizing them for the long haul. During this session, Mor shares how she built her team into successful influencers and real estate entrepreneurs — and how you can do the same at your brokerage.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real | John Sable, booj

By nature, humans are often fearful of the unknown — until they have a better understanding of what they’re up against. John shares an exclusive sneak peek into other systems in the industry, how the booj platform stacks up, and how you can use this information to your advantage.

Day One Closing Address | Angelica Olmsted, booj

Angelica wraps up day one and shares what’s in store for our team building activity.


Wednesday, November 14


Keynote Address: The Science of Storytelling | Joe Lazauskas, Contently

Content marketers have long assumed that great stories help build relationships with customers, but until recently, we haven’t known why or how. That’s quickly changing. In this high-energy session, Joe reveals the cutting edge neuroscience of storytelling, featuring new research that will make you rethink the way you create and measure the success of your content.

A New Era of Content Marketing | Katelyn Shields, booj

During this session, Katelyn shares some of the new projects the booj Digital team has been working on, as well as the techniques and tools you can use to increase the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

The Future of Publicity | Audie, Lion & Orb

You've got a great story — how do you get the media engaged? Audie explores the difference between public relations and publicity, what getting seen means in today's attention-starved world, and how to future-proof your publicity plans to keep yourself in the public eye.

Standardized Data: Your Secret Weapon for Expansion, Efficiency and Market Dominance | Jeremy Crawford, RESO

If you’re looking to move beyond your current market and save money, this session is for you. Jeremy shares why the Real Estate Standards Organization can help you become more innovative, move faster and gain market share.

The Future of Mobile: Our Plans for Mobile Domination | Tyler Olmsted, booj

Tyler takes the stage to unveil future releases to our suite of mobile apps, how our apps stack up against the competition, and our plans for ensuring our apps are the most advanced in the industry.

Emerging Platforms that are Impacting the Future of Real Estate | Tom Flanagan, The Group, Inc. Real Estate

Building on his presentation from last year and highlighting different technologies of the future, Tom takes a closer look at 5 emerging platforms and how this technology has the potential to shape and mold communities in ways we never thought possible.

Superforecasting: Predicting the Future of Real Estate | Christy Oliver, booj

You do not need to be a professional forecaster to predict the future — in fact, those who are fully immersed in the topic are often times better at determining an outcome. What does the future of Real Estate look like? one holds the answer to that question better than you! Christy walks us through the art and science behind superforecasting, reviews some of our past projections, and shares an 11 step plan for how you can predict the future to gain a competitive edge.

Closing Address | Angelica Olmsted, booj

Angelica takes the stage one last time to wrap-up ENCON.

10/15/2018 • By +Amanda Zaske

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