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ENCON X Schedule Announced!

ENCON X Schedule Announced!

One month from today, members will be arriving in Beaver Creek, Colorado for our 10th annual technology conference, held September 27-29! The theme for this year's event is "ENCON X: T.E.N. Years in the Making," and will explore topics that reflect previous years' themes with today's perspective on each.

Throughout the event we will uncover unique tactics to help our members stay ahead of the curve and thrive in a competitive market. Respected speakers from across the country will share high-level, actionable strategies, and boojers will take the stage to discuss how to successfully leverage components on our platform.

We have an exciting line-up this year, and we're excited to announce the final schedule for ENCON X



Wednesday, September 27

Opening Address
John Sable, booj

Each session on day one reflects a previous year’s theme. Kicking off ENCON X, John takes us on a journey of past conferences and discusses what to expect at the event. 

Winning Analogue Hearts in the Digital Age 
Anders Sorman-Nilsson, Thinque

Advising clients like Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson and others, Anders' provides direction for leaders seeking to navigate a constantly shifting business landscape to successfully enter a new decade of thinking. 

The Art of Winning Friends and Influencing Markets
Audie Chamberlain, Lion & Orb

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People was a bestseller of his era. Times have changed, but we can still learn from this legend of people skills on how to cultivate your network, become more magnetic, build your business, and influence your market. 

Embracing the Revolution to Win Business
Mor Zucker and Jamie Slough, Team Denver Homes

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Drawing from their own experience, Mor and Jamie share insights into their business strategy and how they’re marketing their edge to gain clients.

Bridging the Gap & Humanizing Your Brand
Christy Oliver, booj

When a brand makes a sincere connection with a customer, something incredibly powerful happens. As technology continues to impact the customer experience and disrupt the way we all do business, Christy discusses the importance of a people-first approach and providing care during each customer interaction.

Cultivating a Newer Breed of Agents
Jeremiah Daly, WK Real Estate

Jeremiah recently transitioned from the EC and Director of eCommerce to a Realtor at WK Real Estate. Jeremiah shares his unique perspective being on both sides of the business, and what he's learned that can help brokerages support the next generation of Realtors.

The Journey Into Mobile
Tyler Olmsted, booj

Tyler reviews the evolution of mobile technology, demos our latest iPhone and Android mobile app release, and unveils upcoming developments to our suite of agent productivity apps. 

Big Data: Personalizing the User Experience
Jon Joseph, UseUX

Jon shares our plan for leveraging powerful machine learning models in order to provide contextual data on our websites and create a more personalized experience based on a user’s individual needs.

Facilitating a Network of Relationships
Tyler Olmsted + Alison Kenney, booj

Tyler and Alison take a look back at the evolution of our network, and share how we’re supporting platform and infrastructure growth through new processes and agile methodologies.

Lead Conversions Across The Network
John Sable, booj

Last year, John discussed which channels generate the most qualified leads. Expanding on that topic, John shares findings from a recent network-wide study on channels with the highest lead conversions and how you can use this information to close more business. 



Thursday, September 28

Opening Address
Angelica Olmsted, booj

Angelica kicks off the morning by sharing what to expect during the second day of ENCON X.

Leveraging Content to Connect With Your Community
Katelyn Shields, booj + Kyle Drenon, Murney Associates

There has been a fundamental shift in how we create, consume and share content. Katelyn and Kyle explain the value of having a thoughtful and well-developed approach to content marketing, as well as tactics to help you establish relationships within your community.

Guiding Creativity Through Data Driven Design
Dhruv Chanchani, booj

Design decisions need to be informed by data, not trends. Dhruv shares the results from our recent usability studies and how we’re leveraging that information to guide our design process. 

Data Driven Training: Creating a Culture of Learning
Megan Cowley, booj

As the newest member of the training team, Megan shares the department’s plan for increased training initiatives on our platform and how tailoring your training strategy based on data can increase agent adoption.

The Evolution of Teams
Eric Bryn, Loyola University Chicago

Agent teams continue to transform the industry due to their ability to effectively leverage technology and data, create specialized roles, and diversify their business. Eric shares best practices that successful teams are integrating into their operations and the future potential impact it has on the brokerage.

Upstream: State of the Union
Victor Lund, WAV Group

Victor takes the stage to discuss the progress of Upstream and how this technology can benefit brokerages and agents.

The Future of Real Estate Technology
Tom Flanagan, The Group, Inc. Real Estate

Tom Flanagan has always been fascinated with how people interact with real estate technology, and so much has changed in the past 10 years. Join Tom on an adventure as he explores the past, present and future of real estate technology.

Chatbots for Real Estate
Terry McCormack, Nuance

Terry discusses how chatbots will impact the real estate industry moving forward, and shares use cases for how it can be integrated into our platform. 

CRM 2.0 | The Future is Now
John Sable, booj

During this presentation, John demos the latest developments to our CRM product and unveils some exciting new features for the system.

CRM 2.0 Integrations
3rd Party Vendors

Hear directly from the companies we’ve carefully selected to further take our CRM to the next level. Each partner shares how we’re integrating their product into our system and the benefits it has for our members.

Ninja Principles and Staying in Flow
Larry Kendall, Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. During his session, Larry shares industry best practices and how top ninjas are using database management to build better customer relationships.

Closing Address
Angelica Olmsted, booj

Angelica takes the stage one last time to wrap-up ENCON X. 



Awards Gala

To wrap up our member conference, we are hosting our Awards Gala on Thursday, September 28.

Cocktail Reception Hosted by Ninja Selling
The gala kicks-off with a cocktail reception hosted by Ninja Selling. Attendees are encouraged to stop by for a drink before the dinner begins!

Dinner + Awards Ceremony
During the awards ceremony, we will recognize outstanding brokerages in our network who are successfully leveraging technology in their day-to-day business. This formal event is a great opportunity for members to connect with other attendees one last time over dinner, drinks and great conversation. 



Friday, September 29

CRM 2.0 Workshop
John Sable, booj

This hands-on interactive workshop gives members the opportunity to test our CRM system and share their feedback to further take our CRM to the next level.

8/29/2017 • By +Amanda Zaske

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