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#ENCON2013: Day Two Conference Sessions Coming Your Way!

#ENCON2013: Day Two Conference Sessions Coming Your Way!

Yesterday we announced the session line-up for day one of our annual conference. Today we're shifting gears and sharing details of the final day of our event! Day one helped set the stage for the conference by discussing the future of our industry and how mobile will impact real estate including training, mobile design trends, apps and more.

On day two, we will be diving into strategies for effective content marketing, mobile SEO, building stronger relationships with our customers, how to get the most out of your Enterprise Network membership, and more. Below are the session details for Thursday, September 5th. We hope to see you there!


Real Company Sh*t

Wil Reynolds, Founder, SEER Interactive

Wil has recently made an unforgettable impact on the SEO and online marketing community. He coined the term #RCS (Real Company S*#$) which has since become the mantra for many of the top marketers in today’s online space. His goal is to get us thinking of doing REAL marketing rather than chasing Google’s “carrots”.


Strategies for Better Content Marketing

Katelyn Wheaton, Inbound Marketing Lead, booj

Building on her presentation from last year, Katelyn will discuss how to craft better marketing content that will increase customer engagement with your brand online. In addition to sharing what it takes to build a successful content strategy, she will share tactics for creating remarkable content (and get your creative juices flowing!)


How to Win at Mobile SEO

Cindy Krum, CEO & Founder, MobileMoxie, LLC

MobileMoxie CEO and Founder, Cindy Krum, is an expert when it comes to mobile marketing and SEO. Cindy will cover changes in mobile SEO that impact real estate, different approaches to mobile marketing, and results from the mobile site audit she conducted exclusively for The Enterprise Network.


Building Brand Loyalty

Christy Oliver, Project Manager, booj

Christy will be presenting how creating great experiences for customers during good times and bad, can result in an army of marketers for your brand. Referred customers are often the hottest leads and are most effectively cultivated by unique experiences and top end service.


Leveraging the Power of CRM

John Sable, Managing Partner, booj

Managing partner, John Sable, will show off the powers of our new CRM platform, enabling ANY agent to look like a powerhouse in front of their customers with minimal effort.


The Mobile Friendly Email

Tyler Olmsted, Frontend Production Manager, booj

Email marketing has been impacted by mobile more than any other medium, giving brokerages the opportunity to gain more exposure when focusing on mobile marketing. In this session Tyler will discuss the do’s and don’ts for creating the ideal mobile email.


Investing in Mobile and Management Solutions for Real Estate

Scott Farrell, Chief Operating Officer & Jessica Sullivan, Marketing Director, Helen Adams Realty

Helen Adams Realty recently made a substantial investment in mobile by ensuring all agents are armed with an iPad while on-the-go. During his session, Scott will elaborate on the benefits and challenges they faced in the early stages of their mobile strategy.


Building Relationships Within The Enterprise Network

John Gadeken, Managing Partner, booj

One of the main benefits of being part of The Enterprise Network is the opportunity for collaboration with other members at all levels. We hope to continue facilitating communication among members and promoting collaboration through new features and incentives on The Enterprise Network Forum. During this time, we’ll open up the discussion to the audience to discover new ways for attendees to get the most out of their membership.


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