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#ENCON2013: What I like About You

#ENCON2013: What I like About You

Preparing for my presentation on brand loyalty had me nervous. Yes, it was something I was passionate about, but would others relate? I looked at all of the other presentations and saw so many tangible take-aways; so many real tools and products. Would my emotional, intangible idea take hold the same way I knew the other presentations would? 

As soon as I took the stage though, my fears subsided. I realized that everyone in the audience could and did relate to brand loyalty. Everyone has a brand or product they love, and it was my hope that everyone was thinking of their own brand while I was presenting.

After the presentation I spoke with so many different people in different positions from owner to EC and everywhere in between. The passion was the same throughout and reinforced to me the beauty of working for an independent company; a company with a defined goal and an empowering message.

I think the conference is just as important to me on an emotional level as it is on a professional level. Not just for reinforcing why I love booj and all the crazy personality we bring to the table, but more importantly, why I love every company in The Enterprise Network. It allows me to reconnect with the real reason I get out of bed and try my hardest every day. As I said in my presentation, it’s hard to love a brand, but it’s easy to love the people behind the brand.

After the conference I think we all run home buzzing with a million great ideas and the best of intentions to complete every one of them. Regardless of how many you complete, here is the takeaway I want you to keep in mind: 


This year let’s try to be mindful to not get bogged down by the day-to-day or the mediocre. 


Of course we need to complete our day-to-day tasks, but try to take time to remind yourself of why you’re doing it. What is that spark that makes it all worth it?

Many people reached out to me with more great examples of brand loyalty. The most consistent example was the following commercial:



If Dear Sophie didn’t have you in tears, I challenge you to keep a dry eye after this one! Maybe I was still just tired after the crazy whirlwind that is The Annual Enterprise Network Conference, but this one really got me. 

In the following months, please shoot me an email if anything really speaks to you like this commercial did.  I will compile them and try to post another blog entry to remind everyone why we love what we do and why we have brand loyalty when we all need that extra push.

Thank you, and I sincerely hope you all enjoyed our event!

9/10/2013 • By +Christy Oliver

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