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ENCON2014: Day Two Sessions Announced!

ENCON2014: Day Two Sessions Announced!

Yesterday we announced the session line-up for day one of #ENCON2014 that focused on online marketing, content strategies, data profiling and recruiting. Today we’re sharing the details for the final day of our event!

Day two will focus on big data’s impact on customer relationships (and how to manage them effectively), syndication, and new technologies on our platform. Our team is so excited about the topics covered at this year’s conference. This is one event you won’t want to miss!

Metrics, Monkeys And Marketing

John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, Mailchimp

Data collected through Mailchimp is rich in insight, and includes everything from abuse-prevention to automated segmentation and content optimization. John shares the trends his team has discovered and how you can use this information to increase engagement.

CRM & Broker LifeCycle Roadmap

Brad Yeager, Product Manager, booj

Jon Landvogt, Backend Developer, booj

Brad and Jon take the stage and discuss the evolution of CRM and Broker LifeCycle and how big data is shaping future releases on the platform.

The Mobile Journey Continues

Ryan Wedig, Mobile Department Manager, booj

Ryan gives a demo of our latest mobile apps, shares insight into our app analytics, and reveals what’s in store for future app development in 2015.

Syndication: The Elephant In The Room

John Sable, Managing Partner, booj

Starting with a brief history and our stance on syndication over the years, John discusses the nature of real estate purchases nowadays, and the different strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Panel: The Syndication Debate

Rhett Damon, VP of Industry Relations, Move, Inc. 

Victor Lund, WAV Group Partner and CEO at RETechnology

Always a hot topic of discussion, top consultants in the industry take the stage to share their different perspectives on syndication.

People Analytics: Building a Data-Driven Recruiting Strategy

Tyler Olmsted, Frontend Production Manager, booj

People analytics is the science behind a great recruiting strategy. Tyler shares how to use data to tailor your strategy for recruiting the right type of agent and retaining existing agents for the long haul.

Agent Adoption Trends in Real Estate

Travis Saxton, Marketing and Technology Manager, REAL Trends

After analyzing and interpreting the data collected for the REAL Trends Online Performance Study, Travis shares his research on agent adoption across the industry.

Successfully Rolling Out Big Initiatives

Carolyn Blanco-Losada, Director of Client Services, booj

To increase adoption, it’s key to form a strategy incorporating cyclical training and support for your agents. Carolyn helps walk you through ideal methodologies for releasing new technology on our platform.

Releases On The Enterprise Platform

James Olson, Director of Research and Development, booj

James discusses the latest mapping and admin releases, new reporting features and our implementation plans for 2015.

Closing Address

John Sable, Managing Partner, booj

As the conference comes to an end, John takes the stage one last time to discuss key takeaways from this year’s event.

9/3/2014 • By +Amanda Zaske

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