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Announcing the Session Line-Up for ENCON2015!

Announcing the Session Line-Up for ENCON2015!


#ENCON2015 is just one month away and in case you haven’t heard, we’ve released the session line-up for this year’s event! We take great measures to ensure our content is tailored to the specific needs of our audience. By avoiding the fluff and diving head first into the trenches, we uncover unique tactics and data that will help each member stay ahead of the curve and thrive in a competitive market. 

As always, the booj team will take the stage to discuss how to use the tools on our platform more effectively. We will also be showcasing new technologies released on our platform this year, and will be unveiling our future development plans for 2016 and beyond. 

Because the theme this year is “A Network of Relationships”  we’ve expanded our session line-up to include more panel discussions than ever before. This year, you will hear firsthand how other members are implementing effective online marketing strategies, leveraging the tools on our platform to maintain a competitive edge, establishing successful training programs at their brokerages - and most importantly, sharing valuable insight so you can, too.

Without further adieu, below are the topics discussed at ENCON2015. For a full schedule line-up, please visit our event page.


Welcome Address
John Sable, Managing Partner at booj

Kicking off the conference, John discusses the theme for this year’s event, how rare our network is, and the importance of deepening our relationships with each other.

Connecting the Dots Through Social Retargeting
Wil Reynolds, Co-Founder at Seer Interactive

Back for the third year in a row, Wil takes the stage and shares advanced social retargeting tactics and tools to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Building Content Loyalty for the Long Haul
Katelyn Shields, Inbound Marketing Lead at booj

Discussing the evolution of online marketing over the past year and where the future of search is heading, Katelyn focuses on long term strategies for content creation to help you win on the web. 

Panel: Online Marketing Across the Network
Moderated by Katelyn Shields, Inbound Marketing Lead at booj

An expert panel of network members talk of the successes they’ve seen in content creation, social media campaigns, and community involvement at both the brokerage and agent level.

Panelists: Crystal Gardner-Phillips, Marketing Director at GARDNER Realtors; Maya Elisayeff, Vice President of Marketing at LandVest, Inc.; Mor Zucker, Realtor at Kentwood Real Estate

Becoming a Social Good Brokerage
Blake Andrews, Founder at Giveback Homes

Working with Giveback Homes isn’t just about building homes, it’s about building community. Blake discusses the importance of working together to achieve a common goal and shares how we can create social change in our own backyard by providing those less fortunate a safe and healthy place to call “home”.

Becoming a Lead Gen Superhero
John Sable, Managing Partner at booj

All leads are not created equal. John explores intelligent lead generation through the use of better targeted ads, customized email marketing, retargeting and more, with one goal in mind, increasing qualified leads.

Marketing Your Edge
Tyler Olmsted, Product Manager at booj

You have the power to stand out in a competitive market. Tyler discusses how to build brand loyalty and how to leverage the right channels for marketing your edge effectively to both agents and customers.

Panel: Remaining Competitive No Matter Your Market
Moderated by Tyler Olmsted, Product Manager at booj

Network members take the stage to participate in a panel discussion on their personal experiences marketing their edge and how you can do the same in your market. 

Panelists: Chip Gardner, Vice President at GARDNER Realtors; Jodee Drake-Soto, Vice President of Marketing at NP Dodge Real Estate; Randall Graham, Vice President and Director of Marketing at Ebby Halliday Realtors

How Public Relations Can Accelerate Growth
Audie Chamberlain, Founder and CEO at Lion & Orb

What is the right PR strategy for you? Learn how to leverage PR to get more exposure for your business. Audie will walk you through a recent Enterprise Network launch and you'll learn to define your goals, target media and pitch stories to help grow your business.


Day Two Opening Address
John Sable, Managing Partner at booj

John takes the stage to recap sessions covered on the first day of our conference and what’s in store for the final day of #ENCON2015.

Taking Back Control of Your Workday
Mark Steward, Vice President of Technology at Baird & Warner

Balancing a heavy workload doesn’t mean your work has to suffer as a result. Mark shares tactics Baird & Warner implemented to ensure processes and time spent on projects are optimized for efficiency. 

Big Data II
Jon Joseph, Owner at UseUX

Jon discusses implementations born out of last year’s theme and how we can further use big data to create a more personalized user experience moving forward.

Unifying CRM + Broker LifeCycle
John Sable, Managing Partner at booj

Don't send communications that will put you in the “auto-delete” mind frame for your audience. Through well-thought-out triggered emails, intelligent campaigns and highly relevant content, you can reaffirm the “care” in your brand and increase your top of mind awareness for years after the sale.

Winning on the Mobile Web
Ryan Wedig, Director of Mobile Development at booj

Ryan demos our latest mobile apps, expands on deep linking and reveals what’s in store for future app development on our platform.

Releases on The Enterprise Platform
James Olson, Director of Research and Development at booj

James takes the stage again this year to discuss the progress of features released since last year’s session, tech committee initiatives and our implementation plans for 2016. 

A Day in the Life
Angelica Polen, Director of Project Management at booj

Tyler Olmsted, Product Manager at booj
Tyler role plays how today's agent uses the tools on our platform on a day-to-day basis to gain a competitive edge. Angelica offers a customer point of view during each interaction and what you can do to exceed their expectations.

Leveraging The Preferred Partner Program
Elliot Pappas, Membership Coordinator at booj

An impactful benefit of our network is our buying power. Elliot discusses the evaluation process and how our member-approved third party companies can provide additional value and more integrated options at a fraction of the price.

Implementing a Successful Training Program
Kassy Khandelwal, Project Manager at booj

The industry is rapidly changing and it’s an ongoing challenge to keep agents trained and informed on the many tools available to them. Kassy shares insight into how to carve the best strategies based on agent personas. 

Panel: Training + Implementation
Moderated by Kassy Khandelwal, Project Manager at booj

A panel of network members take the stage to discuss what they look for in an ideal trainer, how they encourage agents to participate in their training program, and how they leverage our Learning Management system to increase adoption. 

Panelists: Amy Hoback, Marketing/Technology Services at The Group, Inc. Real Estate; Dave Wilson, CTO at Lyon Real Estate; Melissa Peterson, Director of Technology at Hasson Company Realtors

Panel: The Power of a Network
Moderated by John Sable, Managing Partner at booj

As one of the first members on our platform, John and the Wright Kingdom team end the conference discussing the evolution of our network from a customer perspective and how we can build an even stronger community moving forward.

Closing Address
John Sable Managing Partner at booj

John takes the stage one last time to wrap-up the conference and shares what’s in store for #ENCON2016.

10/14/2015 • By +Amanda Zaske

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