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ENCON2016: Schedule Announced for Our Broker Conference!

ENCON2016: Schedule Announced for Our Broker Conference!

ENCON2016 is just 11 weeks away, and our team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure this is our best conference yet! This year’s theme is “Leading the Nation: One Lead at a Time” and will focus on quality lead generation through the tools available on our platform, improved target marketing, and by leveraging the relationships within our network. 

Join us September 28-29, 2016 as we uncover unique tactics and share strategies that will help each member stay ahead of the curve and thrive in a competitive market. Read our session line-up listed below, and find more details on our event page at

For more information on our Agent Summit that will immediately follow our Broker Conference on September 30, 2016, read our recent blog post highlighting the schedule of events for the third day of our conference. Although this event is tailored to agents, we encourage brokers to attend.

Following the Agent Summit, we will be hosting our Awards Gala where we recognize outstanding agents in our network who have demonstrated strong leadership skills and excellence in business. This black-tie event is open to both brokers and agents, and is a great opportunity to network with other like-minded real estate professionals over dinner, drinks and great conversation. We would love for you to be there as we celebrate their accomplishments!


Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Opening Address

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

Kicking off ENCON2016, John discusses this year’s theme and what to expect throughout the three day event.

Keynote Address: No Limits to What You Can Achieve

Eric Alexander | Speaker, Mountaineer, Author

Eric Alexander, a world-class climber and mountaineer, defied the odds and scaled Mt. Everest with his blind friend, Erik Weihenmayer. Taking on a monumental task like guiding a blind man to the summit of Mt. Everest is not something that a person can do alone. Eric details how this extraordinary achievement was made possible through perseverance and teamwork, and how these same principles can be applied at your brokerage.

CRM 2.0 | Planning for the Future

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

Earlier this year, members attended our summit to help shape the future of our CRM platform and to create a roadmap for version 2.0. During this session, John highlights major takeaways from the summit and presents wireframes, compositions and timelines for this release.

The Human Behind the Lead

Don Tennessen | Senior Instructor at Ninja Selling

Leads are more than just numbers on a page. By building relationships and following the Nijna Principles you’re more likely to convert quality leads and drive more business. Don shares the importance of touch points and different workflows that will help you exceed customer expectations every time.

Tactics for Improving Online Conversions

Jon Joseph | Project Manager at booj

Improving conversion metrics is both a science and an art. Jon shares examples and tactics for boosting conversions based on data collected from network-wide studies.

Capturing Leads Through Forced Registration

To force registration, or not to force registration, that is the question. We help answer this by taking a closer look at the pros and cons from a user’s perspective based on the strategies implemented in our network.

Ideal Practices for Converting Leads into Closings

Terra Penney | Broker LifeCycle Product Owner at booj

Terra takes an indepth look at lead assignments and response times across the network based on findings from network-wide secret shopper results. Weighing the pros and cons for the different approaches, Terra discusses the impact each model has on your business.

 The Art of Converting Sellers Into Leads

Dhruv Chanchani | Creative Director at booj

During this session, Dhruv unveils design concepts for our new AVM and Market Snapshot, and shares strategies for leveraging these tools to attract more leads.

From Listing to Lead | How to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Mor Zucker | Realtor at Kentwood Real Estate

Mor dissects her own listing presentation to highlight how she incorporates her value proposition and how she successfully uses technology to win over her sellers.


Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Keynote Opening Address

Wil Reynolds | Founder at SEER Interactive

Wil kicks off the day by sharing tactics and tools to help take your marketing efforts to the next level. Back for his 4th year in a row, we promise Wil will not disappoint!

Leading with Content: One Post at a Time

Katelyn Shields | Inbound Marketing Lead at booj

During this session, Katelyn delves into successful content strategies being implemented across the network while focusing on building brand awareness, expanding your audience, and tracking performance.

Tapping Into the Power of Facebook Advertising

David Fluegge | Owner at Fluegge Consulting

The days of free lunch are over. Organic Reach continues to decline, so it’s more important than ever to leverage Facebook’s ad platform. During this session, David shares the benefits of paid advertising on Facebook, as well as tactics for crafting effective, targeted campaigns to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Where Buyers Come From

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

John unveils where the highest converting leads in our network are originating from and discusses how to best distribute your resources as a result.

A Perspective on the Global Affluence

Stephanie Pfeffer Anton, Executive Vice President at Luxury Portfolio International

Stephanie takes an in depth look at the global consumer and discusses how international business impacts you at the local level. To close her presentation, Stephanie shares best practices for converting luxury leads into sales and ultimately, long-term relationships.

The Science Behind Agent Adoption

Victor Lund | Founder at WAV Group and Angelica Polen | Director of Project Management at booj

During this session, Victor and Angelica discuss ways to leverage the tools on our platform to facilitate training, and how tailoring your training strategy based on data and segmentation can increase agent adoption at your brokerage.

Releases on The Enterprise Platform

Shannon Phillips | Backend Developer at booj

During this session, Shannon shares new releases on our platform, upcoming implementation plans, and tech committee initiatives for the new year.

What’s Next in The Mobile Evolution

Tyler Olmsted | Production Manager at booj

Tyler demos our latest mobile app releases, discusses future feature upgrades, and shares examples across the network of how members are successfully leveraging our apps.

Closing Address

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

John takes the stage one last time to wrap up this year’s Broker Conference and to introduce the theme for ENCON2017.


Friday, September 30th, 2016

Broker Round Table Discussion

We will be hosting a round table discussion to review CRM 2.0 compositions and to discuss the needs for a CMA product. We encourage all brokers who are staying for the Agent Summit and Awards Gala to join us.

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