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Enterprise Network iPhone App for Real Estate Now Available!

Enterprise Network iPhone App for Real Estate Now Available!

The Enterprise Network is proud to announce the release of our second real estate app! To ensure our members remain competitive in the mobile market, our in-house Mobile Department recently released a real estate app targeting the IOS market. Keeping usability at the forefront of design, our first iPhone app was developed using common Apple UI constructs that are already intuitive to Apple users.

One of the main goals for this mobile release was to get customers to a desired location within the app in as few steps as possible. As a result, we streamlined the design and combined navigation tools into the same view as the property view so customers can quickly scroll through the different pages.

Other enhancements to the iPhone app include:

  • An enhanced photo gallery so users have quicker access to property images
  • Improvements to search functionality that allow users to view more properties at a quicker rate without being limited to a certain perimeter from their current  location
  • The ability for property clustering due to the increased number of properties we can show in one view
  • The inclusion of more property details so information is consistent with that of the brokerage website

With similar search functionality to that of our Android mobile app, the iPhone app also allows customers to easily search for homes while on-the-go using a variety of different search options including Journey Search, Exploratory Search, Perimeter Search and Scope Search.

For both the Android and iPhone app, we joined forces with the Wikitude team to provide the latest in augmented reality technology for our real estate customers – and we’ve seen impressive results! Our Scope Search incorporates AR technology and is one of our most popular search features on our apps. (To watch our video that showcases AR teachnology, click here.)

Scope Search allows users to point their phone’s camera down a street to view available properties. Information on available properties appears in a pop up for easy viewing. As a testament to the success of our augmented reality technology, Valerie Suelzer, Director of Technology at Danberry Realtors states:

“Our agents and clients are blown away by our Scope Search featuring Augmented Reality.  When an agent pulls out their phone at a listing appointment and points it down the street the seller’s jaw drops when properties for sale near them start popping up on the screen.  It’s a huge wow factor that is exclusive to our app – our agents use it at social functions as a conversation starter.  Using Augmented Reality helps our app stand far above the others on the market.”

Danberry Realtors, along with The Group, Inc. Real Estate, were the first Enterprise Network members to release the apps in their local markets. Below are a few testimonials from Danberry agents discussing the impact these mobile apps have had on their business.

I am a frequent user of the new Danberry App. My friends and customers are very impressed when I pull out my smartphone to reveal to them all the information about listings in a particular area.  Never again will I have to tell a customer, “I will have to check the MLS and I will get back with you on that.”  All the facts are in the palm of my hand with this app. – Sandy Rowland

A few days ago, I received a sales call.  I went to my computer and it was having connection issues and I could not respond as quickly as I would like to the prospective buyer.  So I went to the new Danberry App on my smartphone and found the information that I needed and called the prospective buyer back after checking with the listing agent, whose information was in the new Danberry app.  This app is great! – Jackie “Recipes” Wilczynski

I always bring my web app up during a listing presentation……I love the look on my prospective clients faces when they see our exact location pop up, as well as all the listings surrounding them.  When I tell them this is our competition, it usually helps me get a more competitive list price as well. –Manny Evola

I had sent a copy of a flyer where I was incorporated the new app to my sister, who has been in IT tech services for decades. Thought I’d get an IT person’s opinion on the flyer as a whole. She said it was “definitely cutting edge – Danberry is way ahead of the competition”. – Bill Jay

3/12/2013 • By +Amanda Zaske

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