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The Enterprise Network is pleased to announce the launch of the new site for GARDNER REALTORS. For over 70 years, GARDNER REALTORS has been the go-to brokerage in the Metro New Orleans, Greater Baton Rouge and Mississippi Gulf Coast region. A one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs.



The GARDNER real estate family includes over 800 experienced realtors that support the company’s mission to provide the best support and services in the area. Because of GARDNER REALTORS' desire to better serve its clients, the new site focused heavily on providing a more user-friendly experience for their customers through technologies not found anywhere else in the industry. With access to the latest search capabilities, including an extensive Advanced Search and Proximity Search, GARDNER REALTORS can meet the number one needs of visitors to their site: finding their dream home.

GARDNER REALTORS' new site also allows for easy navigation and encourages customers to explore nearly 500 neighborhoods through photography, market data and comprehensive neighborhood information.



Through their new Market Snapshot, agents are able to provide pertinent market data for given areas that will allow sellers to price their home effectively and stay on top of current trends as well.



GARDNER realtors benefit from the redesign by inheriting the core functionality offered at the brokerage level. Both the corporate and realtor websites are fully-responsive, ensuring that the site performs optimally on any device.


To coinside with the launch of their website, GARDNER REALTORS launched their suite of smartphone apps for iPhone and Android devices. These apps bring their GARDNER REALTORS experience full-circle by providing a cohesive experience for all their customers, including those on-the-go.


One unique aspect of GARDNER REALTORS is their strong focus on giving back to the local community. Their charity work is the backbone of their business; therefore, the new site has a dedicated page to highlight the work they do through GARDNERLOVE.

GARDNERLOVE offers an avenue for the company to give back to the communities they serve through The Gertrude Gardner Foundation. Their mission is to leverage the resources at their disposal to work with several non-profits to spark a positive change in the area.

One of the organizations that is near and dear to their hearts is the New Orleans Mission Women’s Center, an organization dedicated to supporting homeless women in the community. In New Orleans, the percent of homeless women in the area has increased by 66% since 2012. The New Orleans Mission and GARDNER REALTORS are working together to address this statistic and make a positive impact by expanding their facilities and the career development programs offered to these women.

And this is just one of the charities GARDNER REALTORS supports. Here is a recent video highlighting their charity work from this past year:



For anyone interested in donating to the efforts of the New Orleans Mission Women’s Shelter, you can do so by visiting them online.

With strong ties to their local community, it’s no wonder why GARDNER REALTORS has been a pillar in the community since 1943. We’re excited for all this partnership has to offer our network. Please join us in welcoming GARDNER REALTORS to The Enterprise Network family!

For more information on their new site, be sure to visit them online at

10/24/2014 • By +Amanda Zaske

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