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Getting Started with Instagram for Real Estate

Getting Started with Instagram for Real Estate

Looking for inspiration for what to share on Instagram? Katelyn shares ideas in today's Pulpisode!

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, welcome back to the pulp! Today I wanted to share a few tips on how you can be using Instagram for your business! Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most active social networks out there and it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re not on it already.

As a real estate agent there are a few things you can share to begin building a following on Instagram. As with any social network, that should be your goal - to build relationships with your community and those that live in your market area. Ideally, you want to use photos to entice your audience with valuable information that appeals to their interests.

This doesn't mean appealing to those that are JUST looking to buy or sell right now. You’ll really limit your potential influence and that’s not a mentality that you want, “if you don’t want to spend money with me right now - I don’t care about you.”

Tap into the interests of your current customers and your potential customers. Think about those looking to buy or sell in a few years, but are currently in the planning and saving process - what do they care about?

First of all, Instagram is about eye-candy. If you want to grow a following on Instagram you MUST show photos that are beautiful. Keep it fun and lighthearted and always positive.

What can you post on Instagram? Show behind the scenes photos of your properties. This could be a photo of you preparing a living room for an open house or a candid shot of the home with the sellers or with you, rather than just showing the typical property listing shot of the front of the house, which is usually what we see. Or show a sneak peek photo where the home isn’t even on the market yet! Give your followers something to get excited about and feel like they’ve been given access to something exclusive.

Then, mix things up! Instagram has a 15 second video options so use it and get creative! Show your personality and allow your followers to get to know you and begin to trust you. Maybe that’s you talking about a neighborhood and showing off a cute cafe, or just a short video tour of a properties back yard patio, or luxurious bathroom.

As always, focus on community content and not just your listings. You don’t want to be a broken record that only shares what you’re currently selling. You have different personas that you’re attracting: the first time homebuyer, the college grad planning to buy in two years, the retired couple, etc. So make sure you’re appealing to a wide audience and using hashtags so other users can find your content.

That’s your tip for this week! We’ll see you next time!    


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