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How To Find Great Review Sources for Your Industry

How To Find Great Review Sources for Your Industry

It's important to find the right review websites for your industry so you know exactly where you need to be. Today Katelyn is sharing some tips on how to do that and why it's important!


While customer reviews on any site across the web can be good to have, not all review sites are created equal and ideally you want to find the right sites for your industry. Some sites will count more with Google than others, particularly websites with a strong brand name or with an industry-specific influence.

There are two very simple ways to determine the most important review sites in your industry, and both involve a simple Google search: search for < industry keyword > + "reviews". For example “real estate agent reviews”.

Evaluate which websites rank for this phrase. These are the sites you should be getting reviews on in the real estate industry.

Next look at the map search results. The results showing there will be related to your demographic area, so they’ll be very different for everyone depending on your location. If you mouse over the top results you’ll see more information related to that business, and below the reviews you’ll notice it says “more reviews”.

Take note of the websites listed there. If they’re showing up here it means they are industry-related review sites that Google finds important or valuable. Are you on them? Well, you should be! Strive to get listed on those sites and begin building reviews there.

Well, that’s your tip for this week! Hopefully that helps get you going in the right direction for your online reviews. 


4/30/2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Categories: SEO

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