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Leading RE Makes it Rain Awards

Leading RE Makes it Rain Awards

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World's (LRE) Annual Conference in Vegas. It was a remarkable lineup with a lot of valuable takeaways.

LRE is made up of an incredible list of over 600 top real estate companies. Our network aligns very closely with theirs. We both work only with independent brokerages. Additionally, we restrict that to only allow one member per market. It is therefore no surprise that the majority of our members also belong to LRE.

We typically host a party to celebrate with our existing members as well as potential ones who are attending the conference. This year our party was at La Cave and was a great success. Potential members had the chance to meet us and a small representation of our team, as well as discuss our platform and its benefits with our existing members. Our party is early in the week, giving ourselves the best chance for a good turnout (given this is Vegas after all and the week is like a marathon). Little did we know our network had a lot more to celebrate than we knew…

LRE hosts an awards ceremony every year to close the week. They nominate four candidates per category. The Enterprise Network members won multiple awards in many categories respectively. We would like to take a moment to mention those that revolve around technology. In this case, they literally swept the award ceremony.

Here are some of the notable victories:


Most Innovative Brokerage Award

Winner: Kentwood Real Estate - Greenwood Village, CO

Best Interactivity Award

Winner: Clark Realty Corporation - Kailua Kona, HI

Best Mobile Site Award

Winner: Baird and Warner - Chicago, IL

Nominee: Houlihan Lawrence Real Estate - Rye Brook, NY

Best Property Search Award

Winner: Lyon Real Estate - Sacramento, CA

Nominee: Wright Kingdom Real Estate - Boulder, CO

Best Visual Design Award

Winner: Heritage Texas Properties - Houston, TX

Nominee: John R. Wood Properties - Naples, FL

Here is the most amazing part…

When it came to the Best Overall Website Award, our network took all the nominations:

Clark Realty Corporation - Kailua Kona, HI

John R. Wood Properties - Naples, FL

Lyon Real Estate - Sacramento, CA

...with the winner announced as Wright Kingdom Real Estate (WKRE) from Boulder in our home state of Colorado. WKRE is one of our first members; they believed in us before we could really call ourselves a network. We have both come a long way since then and we are ecstatic for their team who put a lot of effort into their site’s redesign.

Enormous THANK YOUs to all our members for believing in us and for being part of this great network. Every single nomination and win of each brokerage is also a collective win for the network itself. We would also like to thank LRE for validating all our hard work. What a great organization they are! All our love goes to every single boojer who without all the talent oozing from your fast typing fingers, without all the late nights, weekends and devotion to our members, there would be far less remarkable sites out there. This is a win for all of us.

What a great start to 2015! 

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