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Lights, Camera, Action: Mini-Movies Come to The Enterprise Network

Lights, Camera, Action: Mini-Movies Come to The Enterprise Network

“Photos can’t capture the emotion and the feeling that movies can. A good photo can show you what the house looks like; a good movie can show what it feels like to live there.”

- Curt Hahn, Founder, Film House

Curt Hahn is a storyteller, and his business, Film House, is a film production company that specializes in high-end mini-movies for real estate that help tell the stories of homes currently on the market. Film House is not your average real estate video provider. They’re paving a new path for marketing luxury homes by using mini-movies – complete with storylines and actors – to create an emotional connection with potential buyers.

Founded in 1976, the company’s background includes being the largest producer of films for the federal government. They’ve also created films and commercials for corporate clients like Whirlpool and Coca Cola, as well as independent films featuring award winning actors, Sally Fields and Eric Roberts.

Real estate movies are one of their newest endeavors, but already in their first two years of producing mini-movies for real estate, Film House has successfully helped clients sell their homes an average of 10 months faster for listings over seven-figures. So far they’ve done 27 movies across the country from Honolulu to Maine to the mountains in Colorado.

Curt told us, “The goal of our movies is to make someone feel so good about a home even before they ever set foot in it that they’re already predisposed to love the house. By telling the story of the people who live in these homes, you’re able to offer a sneak peek of what life would be like to actually live there. That’s a much more compelling narrative than traditional video tours.”

Film House’s first real estate mini-movie did just that. The movie was for 2205 Woodmont Boulevard, a $1.435 million home in Nashville, Tennessee, listed by Keith Merrill and Anne Nilsson of Worth Properties LLC.



Within days of releasing this mini-movie, a contract was executed for 96% of the $1,495,000 listing price. A couple from London put in an offer, sight unseen. The buyer told Curt, “I must have watched that movie 25 times. I knew where every piece of furniture I owned was going to go. I knew a couple of things I was going to change when we moved in. I even knew where the antique wallpaper I’ve owned for 15 years was going to go.”

Keith Merrill, the first agent to leverage Film House’s services, was the #8 agent at his brokerage prior to working with Film House. After working with Film House and creating mini-movies for all his luxury listings, he became the #2 agent the next year.


Expanding Their Services

The elements that make up a good mini-movie for these homes are the same whether you’re promoting a home for sale, an apartment complex, or a community video. “Everyone has a story, and we just have to figure out what the most compelling story is,” states Curt. That’s exactly why Film House has recently expanded their real estate services to include more than just residential mini-movies. They’re also creating videos for new developments, condos and commercial buildings.

Their first mini-movie for a commercial listing at 620 Church Street East, resulted in two purchase offers and one building lease offer within three weeks. This property had previously been on the market for six years without any offers.



The Process

Everything starts with understanding the audience – what motivates them and what touches their hearts – whether they’re creating a movie, a commercial for a big brand, or a mini-movie for real estate.

Therefore, the process begins by asking each Realtor and seller to identify their target buyer, and the unique aspects of a home that will make that target audience want to buy it. From there, Film House gets to work creating a storyline by working with the homeowner and agent to create a vision that will sell the home.

It takes about a week to shoot one of these mini-movies after the storyline has been developed, a budget is set, and casting is completed. Following the shoot, the mini-movie is edited and sent to clients within just a few short days. “We know our clients are anxious to take their home to market, so producing a mini-movie quickly, and with the highest level of quality, is our number one goal,” states Curt.

Budgets for these films range from $5,000 – $20,000 depending on the scope of the project. Cost is paid either by the selling homeowner or the listing agent or sometimes a combination of the two.

To hear more about the process, watch this video from agents leveraging Film House’s services.



The Enterprise Network Partners with Film House

Film House is the newest company to join The Enterprise Network Preferred Partner Program. This exclusive program is by invitation only, and is offered to other best-in-class companies who serve the real estate industry, and who we believe have products and services that will greatly benefit our members.

In today’s competitive environment, producing rich, engaging content on your site is going to differentiate yourself from others in the industry. These short mini-movies help tell the story of a home; something no one else in the industry is doing right now.

Currently, The Enterprise Network has almost 4,000 listings nationwide over $750,000 that could benefit from these mini-movies. By leveraging Film House’s services for these homes, our members will now have a powerful tool in their arsenal to help them grow leaps and bounds over their competition, and provide an unmatched level of service to their customers.

“We want to own the word ‘customer-focused’ by asking what’s in it for our customers rather than what’s in it for us. If we can do that, and make great movies, we’ll be successful for years to come,” finishes Curt.

For more information on Film House, visit them online at

Header Image:  Director Curt Hahn (standing, wearing headphones) prepares to shoot a scene from the movie, "Deadline". 

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