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Our Latest SEO Juice Video Has Been Released: Content Outreach

Our Latest SEO Juice Video Has Been Released: Content Outreach

By now, everyone understands that blogging can have a powerful impact on your brand. Producing great content can send you traffic, links and help build a reputation for yourself. But what if you’re not seeing your blog traffic grow? What if, despite the fact that your content is totally great, your mom is the only one reading it?


While you love the support raining in from your dearest friends and family, what you really want is an audience. As REALTORS and brokers, you want a very specific targeted audience for your content and for your industry. If you’re going to take the time to craft content for your local real estate market, it’s best if you have the right people reading it that will, 1) share your content and/or link to it, and 2) use and/or recommend your services. To achieve this we need to create an outreach strategy.

Content Outreach


Our latest SEO Juice mini-series, available only to our members, is called “Content Outreach” and covers the tactics involved in getting guest posts from other bloggers, as well as revising your pitch to contribute to larger publications. Guest posting is one of the best ways to get exposed to a large, new audience all at once. You’ll begin to build a larger following and a reputation online.


The first video discusses tips and tools for finding guest blogging opportunities in the Real Estate Industry. Using very specific search techniques, building a target list is easy. This video outlines very actionable strategies to help you get started!


The first video, as well as a spreadsheet formatted to help build a target list, can be found in the Training Room of your admin panel right now!  


We look forward to producing more helpful videos for The Enterprise Network in this series, and as always, please share your feedback on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you.

3/26/2013 • By +Katelyn Shields

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