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Reality Check: Balancing Your Online World With the Real One

Reality Check: Balancing Your Online World With the Real One

I had the great pleasure to attend the inaugural NP Dodge MarTECH summit on Monday in Omaha. It was a terrific event that focused on the latest technologies and business practices for real estate agents. Over 275 NP Dodge agents attended this event … showcasing once again what a terrific leader this Enterprise Network member is in their Omaha marketplace.

Although I was busy for most of the day introducing CRM to the agents in attendance, I did have the opportunity to attend the keynote presentation by Jeff Turner, President of RealSatisfied North America, Director of Strategy at Zeek Interactive and Founder of Real Estate Shows, Santa Clarita, CA. The session, High Tech ≠ High Touch: How to Master/Ignore Emerging Technology to Force Deeper, Stronger Relationships, highlighted how all of us can become more engaged with our customers by getting smarter and more creative in our relationships with technology.

Our agents spend a lot of of money and time getting their name (and face) out to their marketplace. The goal of this is to be recognized as a local leader. So, to our agents, I provide a friendly reminder: Next time you are in your local Starbucks or out about town, be in the moment. Look up from your smartphone for that time and engage with those in front of you. Give them a chance to recognize you from your marketing and cultivate the personal connections that will assuredly garner you more business from the future.

This theme dovetailed nicely into my presentations about CRM - mainly how to balance automation with the benefits of maintaining personal contact with your clients. Wisely using technology to remind you to make those phone calls, schedule those face-to-face meetings or even writing the more personalized greetings to your folks can really make a difference. While we can automate the processes for your wider sphere, I pose to you this question:

Which would you rather receive?

A. A stock message on the anniversary of purchasing your home.


B. A personalized note from your agent recounting the details of the day, congratulating you on the number of years in your home and how many great family milestones have occurred since.

Our technology will always give our agents a great advantage in the marketplace because we make it personal and go the extra mile to ensure it can be customized to specific needs. In this crazy day and age where we find ourselves trying to engage those not in front of us, we tend to ignore the ones that are.

So take a moment, do a reality check and enjoy your personal interactions today. Luckily for you, your technology will be there minding the shop so that you can organize your next encounter to an even greater level of success.

10/24/2013 • By +Guest Blogger

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