Real Estate News The Enterprise Network Blog Fri, 22 Sep 2017 17:57:39 GMT ENCON X Schedule Announced! One month from today, members will be arriving in Beaver Creek, Colorado for our 10th annual technology conference, held September 27-29! The theme for this year's event is "ENCON X: T.E.N. Years in the Making," and will explore topics that reflect previous years' themes with today's perspective on each.

Throughout the event we will uncover unique tactics to help our members stay ahead of the curve and thrive in a competitive market. Respected speakers from across the country will share high-level, actionable strategies, and boojers will take the stage to discuss how to successfully leverage components on our platform.

We have an exciting line-up this year, and we're excited to announce the final schedule for ENCON X



Wednesday, September 27

Opening Address
John Sable, booj

Each session on day one reflects a previous year’s theme. Kicking off ENCON X, John takes us on a journey of past conferences and discusses what to expect at the event. 

Winning Analogue Hearts in the Digital Age 
Anders Sorman-Nilsson, Thinque

Advising clients like Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson and others, Anders' provides direction for leaders seeking to navigate a constantly shifting business landscape to successfully enter a new decade of thinking. 

The Art of Winning Friends and Influencing Markets
Audie Chamberlain, Lion & Orb

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People was a bestseller of his era. Times have changed, but we can still learn from this legend of people skills on how to cultivate your network, become more magnetic, build your business, and influence your market. 

Embracing the Revolution to Win Business
Mor Zucker and Jamie Slough, Team Denver Homes

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business. Drawing from their own experience, Mor and Jamie share insights into their business strategy and how they’re marketing their edge to gain clients.

Bridging the Gap & Humanizing Your Brand
Christy Oliver, booj

When a brand makes a sincere connection with a customer, something incredibly powerful happens. As technology continues to impact the customer experience and disrupt the way we all do business, Christy discusses the importance of a people-first approach and providing care during each customer interaction.

Cultivating a Newer Breed of Agents
Jeremiah Daly, WK Real Estate

Jeremiah recently transitioned from the EC and Director of eCommerce to a Realtor at WK Real Estate. Jeremiah shares his unique perspective being on both sides of the business, and what he's learned that can help brokerages support the next generation of Realtors.

The Journey Into Mobile
Tyler Olmsted, booj

Tyler reviews the evolution of mobile technology, demos our latest iPhone and Android mobile app release, and unveils upcoming developments to our suite of agent productivity apps. 

Big Data: Personalizing the User Experience
Jon Joseph, UseUX

Jon shares our plan for leveraging powerful machine learning models in order to provide contextual data on our websites and create a more personalized experience based on a user’s individual needs.

Facilitating a Network of Relationships
Tyler Olmsted + Alison Kenney, booj

Tyler and Alison take a look back at the evolution of our network, and share how we’re supporting platform and infrastructure growth through new processes and agile methodologies.

Lead Conversions Across The Network
John Sable, booj

Last year, John discussed which channels generate the most qualified leads. Expanding on that topic, John shares findings from a recent network-wide study on channels with the highest lead conversions and how you can use this information to close more business. 



Thursday, September 28

Opening Address
Angelica Olmsted, booj

Angelica kicks off the morning by sharing what to expect during the second day of ENCON X.

Leveraging Content to Connect With Your Community
Katelyn Shields, booj + Kyle Drenon, Murney Associates

There has been a fundamental shift in how we create, consume and share content. Katelyn and Kyle explain the value of having a thoughtful and well-developed approach to content marketing, as well as tactics to help you establish relationships within your community.

Guiding Creativity Through Data Driven Design
Dhruv Chanchani, booj

Design decisions need to be informed by data, not trends. Dhruv shares the results from our recent usability studies and how we’re leveraging that information to guide our design process. 

Data Driven Training: Creating a Culture of Learning
Megan Cowley, booj

As the newest member of the training team, Megan shares the department’s plan for increased training initiatives on our platform and how tailoring your training strategy based on data can increase agent adoption.

The Evolution of Teams
Eric Bryn, Loyola University Chicago

Agent teams continue to transform the industry due to their ability to effectively leverage technology and data, create specialized roles, and diversify their business. Eric shares best practices that successful teams are integrating into their operations and the future potential impact it has on the brokerage.

Upstream: State of the Union
Victor Lund, WAV Group

Victor takes the stage to discuss the progress of Upstream and how this technology can benefit brokerages and agents.

The Future of Real Estate Technology
Tom Flanagan, The Group, Inc. Real Estate

Tom Flanagan has always been fascinated with how people interact with real estate technology, and so much has changed in the past 10 years. Join Tom on an adventure as he explores the past, present and future of real estate technology.

Chatbots for Real Estate
Terry McCormack, Nuance

Terry discusses how chatbots will impact the real estate industry moving forward, and shares use cases for how it can be integrated into our platform. 

CRM 2.0 | The Future is Now
John Sable, booj

During this presentation, John demos the latest developments to our CRM product and unveils some exciting new features for the system.

CRM 2.0 Integrations
3rd Party Vendors

Hear directly from the companies we’ve carefully selected to further take our CRM to the next level. Each partner shares how we’re integrating their product into our system and the benefits it has for our members.

Ninja Principles and Staying in Flow
Larry Kendall, Ninja Selling

Ninja Selling is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. During his session, Larry shares industry best practices and how top ninjas are using database management to build better customer relationships.

Closing Address
Angelica Olmsted, booj

Angelica takes the stage one last time to wrap-up ENCON X. 



Awards Gala

To wrap up our member conference, we are hosting our Awards Gala on Thursday, September 28.

Cocktail Reception Hosted by Ninja Selling
The gala kicks-off with a cocktail reception hosted by Ninja Selling. Attendees are encouraged to stop by for a drink before the dinner begins!

Dinner + Awards Ceremony
During the awards ceremony, we will recognize outstanding brokerages in our network who are successfully leveraging technology in their day-to-day business. This formal event is a great opportunity for members to connect with other attendees one last time over dinner, drinks and great conversation. 



Friday, September 29

CRM 2.0 Workshop
John Sable, booj

This hands-on interactive workshop gives members the opportunity to test our CRM system and share their feedback to further take our CRM to the next level.

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An Inside Look at MozCon 2017 + Things to Do in Seattle MozCon is an annual marketing and SEO conference hosted by Moz, a Seattle-based company. The conference invites marketers, designers and SEO specialists to the city every year to learn, network and explore both our industry and the city of Seattle.

This year, the booj Digital team (with Managing Partner Ido Zucker in tow) and a handful of network members traveled to Seattle to learn about the latest trends in the industry, meet with other marketers and bring back expert tips for The Enterprise Network. We talked to Content + Social Media Specialists Sabrina Hayes and Sarah Strohl to get an inside look at the conference and learn about the must-see spots in Seattle!


Sunday, July 16


Enterprise Network: It looks like you arrived early enough to explore the city a bit. Where was your favorite stop on Sunday?

Sabrina: I’m so glad we got to Seattle a day early. Sarah and I had never been so it gave us a chance to walk around, see Pike Place Market and get a sampling of the local culture — which, of course, means food. My favorite thing about Sunday was dinner. We had reservations at Stateside in Cap Hill where we ate pretty much everything. But we started next door in their speakeasy-style bar, Foreign National. I would definitely recommend both to anyone looking for something to do in the city.

Sarah: Seattle is a dream! Sabrina and I couldn’t help but exclaim how “cute” everything is there. It seemed that around every corner, there was a new view of the charming sailboats on the water, a new adorable coffee shop, or a new patio with mimosa-laden tables. I would have to agree that cocktails at Foreign National and the subsequent dinner at Stateside were my favorite events of the day, but I also loved perusing Pike Place Market. We were only there for a few minutes, but were still able to see the famed fish-tossing, the bright and beautiful bouquets, and unique crafts from local artisans. The sights and smells were almost overwhelming, but in a good way.


Monday, July 17


ENT: Sounds like you had fun! Monday kicked off the conference. Do you have a favorite presentation from the first day?

Sab: Oh man, it’s a tough choice between Phil Nottingham who talked about video and Justine Jordan who discussed email. I’m probably going to have to go with Justine, just because the booj Digital team works with email outreach more often. My biggest takeaway was that email shouldn’t be just another thing on our to-do list. It’s a personal medium delivered in a personal space and it should engage the audience as though they’re people because, well, they are. If you want to check out the slide deck, click here and see Phil’s here.

Sar: All of the speakers on Monday were fabulous, but I was especially taken with Lisa Myers’ presentation on How to Get Big Links. Lisa works with Verve Search, an award-winning SEO and content agency that has landed clients including Orbitz, Unibet and Expedia. She emphasized that surprising content tends to get results. What does that mean? If an article is useful AND exciting at the same time, people are more likely to click, share and link back to your content. For instance, a piece entitled “Guardians of the Galaxy is the Deadliest Movie of All Time,” went viral on Twitter. Something like, “Guardians of the Galaxy is a Great Movie,” probably wouldn’t do as well.

The takeaway? Creativity and individuality are powerful tools in marketing. Encourage your employees to incorporate their own style and enthusiasm into their work, whether they’re working on writing content, social media or even outreach emails. Download the slide deck here!

Bonus: Lisa mentioned that her favorite interview question is to ask candidates which browser they use. Those who use Firefox or Chrome had to go the extra mile to download and set up a new browser, and are more likely to go that extra mile in the office.


ENT: The day ended with the famous #MozCrawl to kick off the conference’s networking events. What was your favorite thing about the crawl?

Sab: I got recognized from Twitter and that was the most exciting thing because #Goals. But other than that, I met quite a few people who have been coming to MozCon since the beginning (not including Amanda and Katelyn, of course). Seeing the networks and friendships they’ve made over the years was incredible and definitely something to strive for in the future. It’s an opportunity to build connections in the field that can lead to better ideas, discussions and, ultimately, results. Also, everyone should go sing karaoke at The Unicorn.

Sar: After a long day of learning, it was refreshing to wind down with a few cocktails among fellow marketers. Turns out, you can learn a lot just by having a casual conversation with a like-minded person! We didn’t get to hit all of the stops on our list, but if you’re a cider fan, the Capitol Hill Cidery is the place to be. Expect bar games, hip music, bites and endless cider options in cozy, old-timey digs.


Tuesday, July 18


ENT: What was your biggest takeaway from Tuesday’s presentations?

Sab: Finally, we get to talk about Wil Reynolds! Just kidding, but really. Wil’s presentation, I'd Rather Be Thanked Than Ranked, covered what I think was the crux of the whole conference this year: Our audience is made up of people, and those people have human motivations and emotions that influence their actions on the internet. I think the biggest takeaway was BE THE CONTENT YOU WISH YOU FOUND because it’s written in all capitals in my notes. Download Wil’s slide deck right here and let’s all get psyched to hear him again at ENCON X!

Sar: Yep. Wil Reynolds hit the nail on the head with his wise words! Since Sabrina has that one covered, I’ll mention another great presenter from the day: Tara-Nicholle Nelson. Her speech was about How to Be A Happy Marketer, but it wasn’t all smiley faces and rainbows. She has mastered the art of content creation, and has realized that many brands have lost touch with their customer base. She encouraged us to break the pattern of disengagement and instead walk alongside the consumer on their day-to-day journey. After all, your customer is not just a conversion — they’re a human. And you are not selling a product — you’re selling a transformation. How is your product (i.e. a new home) going to make this person’s life better? Obviously, opportunities for this sort of communication are ripe in the real estate market. Grab her slide deck here!


ENT: What did the team do on Tuesday night?

Sab: First things first, we stopped at Rachel’s Ginger Beer, a Seattle original handcrafting some crazy flavors of non-alcoholic ginger beers. Definitely go next time you’re in the city! The highlight of the evening, though, was MozCon Ignite. Basically, a few attendees of MozCon get the chance to present on non-work related topics at about five to ten minutes a pop. Thinking about it now, it seems to highlight the idea that the work we do as marketers is all about people — whether those people are marketers or the audiences we’re trying to engage. Sarah and I got to meet Yosef Silver before he presented at Ignite and you can watch his seven minute presentation on Medium.

Sar: MozCon Ignite is the perfect opportunity to see marketers outside of a work context. And since many presentations at Moz focused on the user experience and human interaction as a marketing tool, it was only fitting that we got to learn about the passions and hardships of these talented individuals — from guinea pig care to recovering from a devastating injury. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and friendships were made. Anyone at the conference should make this night a priority! Also, I highly recommend stopping for a mule at Rachel’s Ginger Beer on a hot day. Blueberry whiskey for the win!


Wednesday, July 19


ENT: Oh no, we’ve reached the last day of MozCon! What was your biggest takeaway as the conference wrapped up?

Sab: I keep bringing up our human audience which must mean it’s important, right? My favorite presentation from Wednesday was Tara Reed’s Powerful Brands Have Communities (download the slide deck here). It really encapsulated what we’re doing with our Enterprise Network clients on booj Digital. That is, build a resource that engages the audience and makes them a part of the greater community — whether that’s the small business community in Toledo, the home design lovers in San Francisco, you name it. On the technical side of marketing and SEO, Britney Muller’s How to Execute Lean SEO to Increase Qualified Leads was outstanding and you can download her deck here.

Sar: Heather Physioc was incredibly composed and direct in her presentation, and managed to convey the message that data and content are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, content marketing is one of the most coveted tools in gaining more conversions and loyal customers, and content marketing budgets across the country are expected to grow to $13.3 billion by 2019. As a writer, it’s pretty exciting to hear that our craft is changing the way companies reach their customers. What does this mean for you? HOP ON THAT CONTENT TRAIN. You can outsource (hello booj Digital!), or do this work in house — whichever is more efficient. Either way, make sure your content is exciting and relevant to your customer. Find Heather’s beautiful slide deck here.


ENT: Did you get a chance to stop anywhere else in Seattle before you left?

Sab: Well, we stopped here on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I can’t talk about Seattle without mentioning Mr. West. As obsessed with coffee, design, and Millennial trends as I am, it was my number one favorite stop. Everyone should go.

Sar: Man, Seattle certainly loves their coffee! Mr. West has mastered the art of soul-warming espresso bevvies, but don’t miss out on the avocado toast either (sorry, I’m basic). True coffee aficionados might also enjoy the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Capitol Hill. The shop is more elegant than your corner Starbs, and features a full menu of gourmet dishes and coffee drinks that aren’t even on the typical menu!

Also, I have to give a shout out to Rumba, an adorable rum bar in Capitol Hill that serves up street tacos, empanadas and the like alongside authentic rum cocktails and daiquiris. Go during happy hour for the best deals.


In Summary


ENT: Looking at MozCon as a whole, what’s the one takeaway that stands out to you the most?

Sab: I think my count is currently at four, but I’ll talk about our audience as people one more time. From design and SEO to outreach and social media, the most important important factor in our work is our human audience. It’s easy to look at numbers and use those to drive actions, but that is never going to be as successful as thinking about our audience as people, as a community. We need to be building tools and content that answer questions, solve problems and entertain — and the numbers will follow. That’s what we look for so why should we pretend our audience doesn’t?

Sar: Excellent point, Sabrina! I’d also like to tie in the passion and originality are huge factors in our field. The way users interact with our content is always changing, and we have to be on the ball. We live in a different world now, and we have to reach people where they are. Ads in the newspaper are no longer going to cut it when people spend nearly two years of their life scrolling through videos on Facebook, and touch their smartphone an average of 3,000 times per day. With people so in touch with their devices (literally), we now have opportunities to reach people on a level that was never available to us before.

In short, MozCon opened my eyes to the leaps and risks marketers are taking to stay ahead of the fray — and the numbers don’t lie. New ideas, humor, and excitement are the elements that will set your brand apart.


Do you love marketing + SEO as much as we do?

To say the booj Digital team is a little obsessed with our job is an understatement. You can see our strategies, creativity and communities in action when you check out the following Enterprise Network blogs: Home Sweet Toledo from Danberry Realtors, Discover Your View from McGuire, Northern Colorado Speaks from The Group, Inc., The Dodge Voice from NP Dodge, Lyon Local from Lyon Real Estate and Live Luxe from Premier Estate Properties.

And learn more about the individuals who make up our team here: Amanda Zaske, Katelyn Shields, Holly Ragsdale, Sabrina Hayes and Sarah Strohl.


About Sabrina + Sarah

Photo courtesy of Moz

Sabrina and Sarah are both content and social media specialists for the booj Digital team. They work closely with members across the network, breathing life into their story and showing commitment to the local communities they serve. booj Digital offers a variety of services, including blogging and copywriting, social media management, digital advertising, and analytics and reporting, all of which are tailored to the specific needs of each client. 

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Members Make REAL Trends Top 500 List! Last month, REAL Trends published the results of their annual survey which ranks the performance of the top residential real estate brokerages in the nation for the REAL Trends Top 500. Brokerages are ranked by both sales volume and transaction sides for the previous year.

The 500 largest residential real estate brokerage firms in the nation closed over 3.1 million residential sales transactions in 2016. These transactions represent over one-third of all new and resale transactions completed by brokers during the year, yet the REAL Trends 500 represented less than one-half of one percent of all brokerage firms. The 500-ranked brokers closed 3.1 million home transactions with a value of over $1.0 trillion during 2016, up from $935 billion in the calendar year 2015.

We’re so proud to announce that 21 members made the REAL Trends 500 list of top brokerages in the country!  Congratulations to the following members for receiving this recognition and for continuing to pave the way in real estate.

Baird & Warner

Ranked by Volume: #25 | $5,198,885,902

Ranked by Sides: #24 | 16,066

Danberry Realtors

Ranked by Volume: #429 | $580,736,131

Ranked by Sides: #199 | 3,785

Ebby Halliday Realtors

Ranked by Volume: #12 | $7,797,417,171

Ranked by Sides: #15 | 19,717


Ranked by Volume: #197 | $1,143,000,000

Ranked by Sides: #137 | 4,920

Hasson Company, Realtors

Ranked by Volume: #109 | $1,854,529,396

Ranked by Sides: #197 | 3,822

Heritage Texas Properties

Ranked by Volume: #211 | $1,094,118,994
Ranked by Sides: #290 | 2,840

Houlihan Lawrence

Ranked by Volume: #17 | $6,172,284,186
Ranked by Sides: #59 | 8,522

John R. Wood Properties

Ranked by Volume: #80 | $2,234,520,804

Ranked by Sides: #226 | 3,428

J.P. Weigand and Sons

Ranked by Volume: #365 | $695,480,585

Ranked by Sides: #215 | 3,506

Lyon Real Estate

Ranked by Volume: #53 | $2,952,399,309
Ranked by Sides: #68 | 7,670

McEnearney Associates, Inc.

Ranked by Volume: #116 | $1,751,000,000

Ranked by Sides: #310 | 2,708

McGuire Real Estate

Ranked by Volume: #215 | $1,064,527,000

Murney Associates, Realtors

Ranked by Volume: #242 | $965,786,545

Ranked by Sides: #107 | 5,607

Northwood Realty Services

Ranked by Volume: #166 | $1,327,491,016

Ranked by Sides: #56 | 8,830

NP Dodge Real Estate

Ranked by Volume: #192 | $1,193,600,000

Ranked by Sides: #89 | 6,137

Partners Trust

Ranked by Volume: 68 | $2,473,517,898

Residential Properties, Ltd.

Ranked by Volume: #314 | $789,129,644

Ranked by Sides: #490 | 1,886

Skogman Realty

Ranked by Volume: #383 | $660,928,727

Ranked by Sides: #234 | 3,373

Stark Company Realtors

Ranked by Volume: #372 | $678,577,429
Ranked by Sides: #304 | 2,732

The Group, Inc. Real Estate

Ranked by Volume: #119 | $1,678,375,388

Ranked by Sides: #144 | 7,786

WK Real Estate

Ranked by Volume: #484 | $518,727,264

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The Enterprise Network Partners with Graphiq to Provide a Variety of Interactive Data Visualizations The Enterprise Network is pleased to announce our recent partnership with Graphiq, a semantic technology and data visualization company servicing the real estate industry. Through Graphiq’s data, our members can give customers context to their surrounding areas by providing interactive, live-updating visualizations of real estate data and information for 150 million U.S. properties.

Available on both a property and location-level, this information provides unparalleled breadth and depth to any real estate customer’s data experience.

Property Data Visualizations

Graphiq provides contextual information about a specific property, including:

  • Recent Sales + Transactions: Gain access to in-depth public records data, including recent sales and the transaction history for a home.

  • Estimated Value/AVM: Gauge a property’s current market value based on home information and local market trends. Information is displayed in a chart to see a home’s value over time.

  • Lot and Land Details: A visual representation of a home's lot, as indicated by county records. This includes a breakdown of the square footage for both the land and lot.

  • Natural Disaster Risk: View a breakdown of fire, earthquake, hail, flood and tornado risk for an area, and see how a home's risk levels compare to that across the broader geographic area.

  • And more!


Location-Based Data Visualizations

Graphiq provides contextual information about the area, including:

  • Walkability Scores: A score calculated by the number of points of interest within walking distance and within a short drive of the area, including restaurants and bars, schools, grocery stores, shopping, health and fitness centers, and more.

  • Cost of Living Data: A cost comparison of an area’s taxes, childcare, housing, health care, food, transportation and other necessities vs. the national average.

  • And more!

“Graphiq’s widgets are as easy to integrate as YouTube videos, meaning members of our network are able to get up and running in no time.” said Ido Zucker, Co-Founder of booj. “Our members continuously emphasize the importance of data and interactivity as part of the process for engaging home buyers and sellers, and booj can now quickly and affordably provide that service through our partnership with Graphiq.”

To learn more about Graphiq and their robust data visualizations, visit them online at

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Members Make SP200 List of Most Powerful and Influential Leaders in Residential Real Estate Each year, the Swanepoel T3 Group releases their SP200 (Swanepoel Power 200) list, honoring the top 200 most powerful and influential leaders in residential real estate.

Swanepoel conducts over 600 hours of research and analysis in order to produce a definitive ranking report for the industry. Leaders are evaluated on their personal influence, tenure, decision-making power, the financial resources at their disposal, their company’s industry significance, geographical reach and more. In short, they did their homework thoroughly to ensure it’s the most accurate reflection of power and influence in residential real estate.

We are happy to see several familiar faces on the list this year! Congratulations to the following network members for receiving this honor, and for continuing to set the bar in real estate.



Mary Frances Burleson | President and CEO | Ebby Halliday Realtors

Mary Frances Burleson has helped grow Ebby Halliday Realtors into one of the nation’s largest brokerages with 31 offices and more than 1,500 agents, generating over $7.9 billion in annual sales. After more than half a century, she still manages the day-to-day operations of Texas’ largest independent real estate brokerage.


Stephen Baird | President and CEO | Baird & Warner

Stephen Baird is the President and CEO of this 160-year-old family-owned business, the oldest real estate brokerage in the country. The company’s nearly 2,000 agents work from 25 offices across the Chicago area and generate over $4.7 billion in annual sales.


Stephen Meyers, Nancy Seaman + Chris Meyers | Managing Principals + Chairwoman | Houlihan Lawrence

The Meyers brothers and their sister Nancy Seaman serve as managing principals and chairwoman, respectively, of Houlihan Lawrence. With 30 offices and nearly 1,300 agents, the company is one of the largest independently owned brokerages in the nation, generating nearly $6 billion in annual sales.


Pat Shea | President | Lyon Real Estate

With more than 20 years of real estate sales and leadership experience, Pat Shea is the President of Lyon Real Estate. Located in Sacramento, California, the brokerage has nearly 1,000 agents in 17 offices, and does over $2.9 billion in annual sales.


Peter Niederman | CEO | Kentwood Real Estate

Known as an innovative marketer, Peter Niederman and his 200 agents at Kentwood Real Estate do over $2.4 billion in annual sales.


Nick Segal | President | Partners Trust

Nick Segal runs the innovative Los Angeles-based firm Partners Trust, which has over 240 agents and does over $2 billion in annual sales. He also co-founded and leads the independent brokerage network, Leverage Global Partners.

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John R. Wood Properties Releases New Site on Enterprise Platform We are excited to announce the release of the new and improved website for John R. Wood Properties. The new site incorporates a more modern and clean design, a simplified navigation, enhanced site tools, and much more.

One of the largest brokerages in the area, John R. Wood Properties has been serving residents of the Naples, Florida region for six decades. Continuing to meet the demands of today’s homebuyers and sellers was of utmost importance to John R. Wood. Therefore, their latest site release focused on putting the customer experience at the forefront of the new design. 

A few of the new site enhancements include:

A Fresh New Look

As mobile traffic continues to rise, John R. Wood Properties’ site is now fully-responsive, ensuring the site looks and performs optimally across all devices. The new design also incorporates professional, high resolutions photos to better showcase the unique characteristics of the homes and communities they represent. Full-screen photography can be found on the corporate site, agent websites and property pages for all John R. Wood listings.


Prominent Placement of Key Features on Homepage

On the homepage, users can find a collage highlighting important pages and features, including information on the company, new listings, neighborhoods, videos, and popular searches for Golf Properties, Beach Properties and more. As a user hovers over a section, the photo changes to full color to draw attention to the feature.


Market Data At A Glance

To give users valuable insight into current marketing conditions, John R. Wood Properties showcases market statistics on their homepage. Users can easily see the number of active listings, pending sales, and properties that were sold within the last 90 days. This data is updated in real-time, ensuring users have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information available in their market.


Integrated Global Search

John R. Wood Properties is a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest network of independent brokers globally. In order to cater to international buyers, John R. Wood Properties incorporated a Global Search feature into their site that directs users to search for properties around the globe via Leading RE.


Enhanced Agent Websites

To match the look and feel of the corporate site, all John R. Wood agents received the enhancements as well. While the agent websites are branded to each particular agent, they received the same core functionality and design upgrades as the main site, ensuring a consistent experience for their customers.


Detailed Neighborhood Pages

For those wanting to search properties within a specific community, John R. Wood neighborhood pages received a design upgrade to further showcase the stunning communities they represent. Neighborhood pages tell the story of the area, and offer photos and prices ranges for homes, condos and villas for sale in in the area. Within each neighborhood page, users can also search available properties to find their dream home!


And More!

These are just a few of the new features now available. We encourage you to check out all the enhancements for yourself at!

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Helen Adams Realty Launches New and Improved Website! We are pleased to announce the redesigned site for Helen Adams Realty. Helen Adams Realty is an established market leader for the “Queen City” — Charlotte, North Carolina — and has been serving the area for more than 40 years. Proud to be locally-owned, Helen Adams Realty is dedicated to providing the tools and expertise their community has come to expect.

To continue their commitment to providing top notch service, Helen Adams Realty recently launched the new and improved on The Enterprise Platform. The new site boasts a responsive design so users have a positive experience interacting with the site no matter the device, a more modern look and feel, and so much more!

Other key enhancements include:


A Fresh New Look


Using their site redesign as an opportunity to refresh their look, Helen Adams Realty moved to an all white site to give it a fresh feel, simplified the navigation so users can easily find the information they’re looking for, and integrated large, professional photography to showcase their vibrant communities and stunning properties.

To give users easy access to important features needed during the home buying and selling process, Helen Adams Realty gave prominent placement to tools available on their site, including the Market Snapshot, Property Alerts, Market Activity Reports, Featured Communities and more. The homepage also highlights their blog that focuses on the lifestyle of those living in the region and further shows their commitment to serving the community they know and love.


Enhanced Map Search


Bringing the power of mapping technology, advanced search filters, and proximity search into one system, Helen Adams Realty’s new map search offers functionality not found anywhere else in their market. Within the map, users can narrow their home search by area, proximity to work, school and other points of interests, or by zip code. They also have the added ability to customize the results based on traditional filters like price, number of beds and baths, and square footage.

Within the same mapping application, users can see basic property details, save properties to their favorites, compare properties, zoom into Street View, and so much more!


Updated Agent Websites + Bio Pages


All agents with Helen Adams Realty receive their own dedicated website. Therefore, it was important to update agent websites to match the look and feel of the corporate site, and to ensure agents have access to the same core technology. Sold data was also incorporated into each agent’s website so users can see, at a glance, the neighborhoods they specialize in.

For the new site launch, agents received new professional photos for their agent bio pages and agent websites. Agent bio pages were also enhanced to include sold data, which is showcased within a map view, to help highlight their local expertise.


Detailed Community Pages


Wanting to make sure their neighborhoods were well represented, Helen Adams Realty expanded the content and tools available on these pages. To help users get a better feel for what it would be like to live in a particular area, custom content and professional photography was incorporated to showcase the unique attributes of each community. Community pages also include a list of current homes for sale, sold properties in the area, and market statistics.


View Average Home Price by Zip Code


This tool was previously on their site, but was redesigned to make it more interactive. This feature allows users to quickly see the average home price for each zip code in the area. When a user clicks on a region, they’re taken to the map search to continue the home search experience.


Lifestyle Blog Integration


To highlight their local ties to the community, Helen Adams Realty’s blog was given a facelift to better showcase the content it focuses on: local events, community guides, real estate news and market updates.


And More!

There are so many great new features available on, but don’t just take our word for it. Visit them online to see all the enhancements for yourself!

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Introducing Ebby Halliday Realtors' Redesigned Website on The Enterprise Platform We are proud to introduce the new and improved! In September, Ebby Halliday Realtors launched its redesigned and fully responsive website, featuring a slick and modern design in addition to various innovative features.

Ebby Halliday Realtors has been meeting the real estate needs of North Texas for over 70 years. The firm’s founder, Ebby Halliday, who passed away last year at the age of 104, set an example of entrepreneurship, humility, kindness, and service to the community. She believed that above all else, one must “Improve your life by improving the lives of those around you.” Ebby’s impact reaches well beyond the company, which explains why she was nominated for D Magazine’s Greatest Dallasites Of All Time.

Each and every day, the company’s hardworking Associates seek to further Ebby’s substantial impact on the North Texas community and the real estate industry – and to elevate the home-buying and selling process into the wonderful life-changing experience it can be. 

Ebby Halliday Realtors’ rich history and dedication to top-notch service in the industry are nothing short of inspiring. This is also reflected in the company’s continued investment in staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

Highlights of the Redesigned Site Include:


New and Improved Design

Overall, received a new design, which dramatically improves the look and feel of the site. With a focus on usability, the site features high-resolution photography, well-placed white space, modern design elements, and a fresh look that helps make buying and selling your home a more streamlined process.



Responsive Design

Ebby Halliday Realtors’ new responsive design means you will have a pleasant experience with their site no matter the size of your screen! This ensures users can search for homes on-the-go from their mobile device or tablet.

Speaking of mobile, access the impressive app suite by downloading the Ebby Halliday Realtors app on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices.


New Features on the Homepage

The homepage is a user’s first impression of a website, and Ebby Halliday Realtors’ does not disappoint. On the homepage, you’ll find rotating high-resolution images of properties, a central and easy-to-use search bar, promotion of open houses and new listings, featured communities, and more.



Simplified and Easy-to-Use Navigation

The simplified navigation bar at the top of the site ensures you can find exactly what you’re looking for when visiting Simply click on any of the main categories, including “Find a Home,” “Ebby Agents,” “Communities,” “Our Services,” and “Contact Us” and a drop-down menu with more options will appear. Additionally, the site has a sticky header, which means you may easily access the navigation bar no matter where you are on any given page.


Enhanced Community Pages

To reflect Ebby Halliday Realtors’ focus on the communities they serve, their community pages received a design overhaul as well. Each of the neighborhoods located in and around Dallas have their own landing page, where you’ll find a description of the community, a map of the area, real estate data provided by Maponics, a list of local schools, and population information. Additionally, each community page highlights featured properties, new listings, and open houses.



Improved Agent Websites

Agent websites received a new design to match the look and feel of the corporate site as well. Each agent site includes easy-to-find contact information, a personal biography, current listings, recent sales, testimonials and more.



There is so much more to see...

Explore yourself to see all of the exciting features of the new site!

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Madison Hildebrand to Present at ENCON2016 Agent Summit We are thrilled to announce our closing keynote speaker for the ENCON2016 Agent Summit! Madison Hildebrand —a top tier realtor, author, host, and most recognizably, the “original” star of Bravo Network’s hit reality series “Million Dollar Listing”— will be the event's closing keynote speaker on September 30th in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Drawing from his own experiences and obstacles when selling the luxury Malibu lifestyle, Madison will share insider knowledge with attendees on how to appeal to luxury clients, how to find luxury clientele, and how to sell the luxury “lifestyle” not just an expensive home.

Madison Hildebrand, President and Founder of The Malibu Life, Inc., is one of the world’s most recognizable faces in the world of real estate. Bringing 10 years of experience and career sales of over $250 Million, Madison acts as a founding member of the Partners Trust (an Enterprise Network member) Malibu office and is recognized internationally as a top producing agent year after year. Madison incorporated The Malibu Life, Inc., enlisting a team of eight specialists who work together to make record transactions, exerting passion, professionalism, integrity, and uncanny industry knowledge.

Madison’s ability to connect and communicate with a wide range of clientele is guided by his passion for travel, and his experiences living in various countries, states, and cities.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from Pepperdine University, Madison decided to plant his roots in Malibu. Soon after graduating, Madison became a pillar within the community, involving himself in numerous organizations and charitable institutions.

A six-year veteran to the small screen, Madison is most widely known as the original cast member of Bravo TV’s hit reality show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” and as a contributing host on E! News. Madison is also an acclaimed public speaker, author of the book Activate Your Passion, Create Your Career, and a product designer for a line of candles.

His most recent accomplishments include signing on as Brand Ambassador for DocuSign, Inc. – The global standard for digital transaction management, Leverage Global Partners, which brings global exposure and networking to boutique agencies across the world, and Give Back Homes, which is a trusted network of real estate professionals dedicated to creating social change through the act of buying or selling a home.

Whether it’s gardening, traveling, or hiking with his rescue Doberman, Maya, Madison lives by his philosophies of “Spread the Love,” that “You can mix business with pleasure,” and his most important mantra of “Be a blessing, then be blessed.”

We are so excited to have Madison join us for #ENCON2016 and share his expertise on selling the luxury lifestyle with our audience. Madison is also up for two agent awards for Best Social Media Strategy and Best Use of Technology in the Luxury Market. Award winners will be announced following the Agent Summit on September 30th at our Awards Gala. 


Haven’t RSVPed to our event yet? Don’t worry, there is still time! For more information on our conference and to RSVP, visit our event page at (Attendance only open to members of The Enterprise Network.)

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The Enterprise Network Partners with EnerScore We are proud to announce our recent partnership with EnerScore. EnerScore provides an energy performance rating that allows home buyers, sellers and renters to get an idea of a home’s energy efficiency and estimated energy costs.

Through their algorithm that uses home property data from public records, EnerScore estimates the energy performance of a home based on the type and dates of construction, square footage, fuel type, lighting, heating and cooling systems, as well as other components of the home. To ensure the most accurate results, it does not take into account occupant usage as that is influenced heavily by their individual behavior and can be misleading.

Enerscore's estimates create an "A" - "F" rating, and provides a breakdown of projected costs. If a homeowner wants to increase their home's value by improving its EnerScore, they can work with one of EnerScore's local, qualified experts to get a home energy assessment and recommendations for the most cost effective energy performance improvements. 

While upgrading the energy efficiency of a home is a financial investment, it can help to greatly reduce energy bills over the long run and raise the home’s value. Through greater transparency, EnerScore hopes to get people thinking about energy when deciding where to live.

Members who implement the EnerScore API will be able to include this data on their listings to help make home energy use more visible to their customers. By providing this service through their site, users will be able to get a better picture of the costs associated with a particular property and can take that information into account when purchasing a home within their desired budget. On the flip side, sellers who receive a less than ideal EnerScore can find ways to improve their home’s efficiency in order to increase their home’s value before listing.

This is just the beginning for EnerScore. Soon, they will provide additional information, such as the grades of homes in any selected neighborhood through a color coded pin map. For more information on EnerScore, visit them online at

About Our Preferred Partner Program

The Enterprise Network is committed to providing value to our members beyond just the technology available through our platform — which is why we've partnered with other like-minded companies who share our mission and values.

All candidates undergo a detailed evaluation process to ensure partner companies provide the highest level of quality to our members. Partners are evaluated on the quality of their product/service, performance, customer satisfaction, and their plans for continued innovation. The partners we hand select to be a part of this exclusive program are other best-in-class companies who offer products and services that will help take each member's business to the next level and keep them competitive.

For more information on our preferred partners or to inquire about becoming a partner, please contact our team today!

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Announcing the Nominees for the ENCON2016 Agent Awards! Earlier this year, we announced the categories for our upcoming ENCON2016 Agent Awards. Each brokerage nominated agents who they felt demonstrated excellence in categories ranging from best use of technology in the luxury space, to best content strategy, to best CRM strategy. After reviewing over 100 candidates, we are thrilled to announce the nominees! 

The winners will be announced at our Awards Gala following the Agent Summit on Friday, September 30th. This will be a black-tie event for both brokers and agents in our network. Join us as we network with other like-minded real estate professionals over dinner and drinks, while we celebrate the amazing achievements of agents in our network.

Congratulations to all our nominees listed below!

Best Use of Rebrand Technology

Best Use of IPW Technology

Best Use of Rich Media

Best Social Media Strategy

Best Content Strategy

Most Creative Digital Campaign

Best CRM Strategy

Best Team Implementation Strategy

Best Use of Technology in the Luxury Market

The booj Award

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ENCON2016: Schedule Announced for Our Broker Conference! ENCON2016 is just 11 weeks away, and our team has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure this is our best conference yet! This year’s theme is “Leading the Nation: One Lead at a Time” and will focus on quality lead generation through the tools available on our platform, improved target marketing, and by leveraging the relationships within our network. 

Join us September 28-29, 2016 as we uncover unique tactics and share strategies that will help each member stay ahead of the curve and thrive in a competitive market. Read our session line-up listed below, and find more details on our event page at

For more information on our Agent Summit that will immediately follow our Broker Conference on September 30, 2016, read our recent blog post highlighting the schedule of events for the third day of our conference. Although this event is tailored to agents, we encourage brokers to attend.

Following the Agent Summit, we will be hosting our Awards Gala where we recognize outstanding agents in our network who have demonstrated strong leadership skills and excellence in business. This black-tie event is open to both brokers and agents, and is a great opportunity to network with other like-minded real estate professionals over dinner, drinks and great conversation. We would love for you to be there as we celebrate their accomplishments!


Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

Opening Address

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

Kicking off ENCON2016, John discusses this year’s theme and what to expect throughout the three day event.

Keynote Address: No Limits to What You Can Achieve

Eric Alexander | Speaker, Mountaineer, Author

Eric Alexander, a world-class climber and mountaineer, defied the odds and scaled Mt. Everest with his blind friend, Erik Weihenmayer. Taking on a monumental task like guiding a blind man to the summit of Mt. Everest is not something that a person can do alone. Eric details how this extraordinary achievement was made possible through perseverance and teamwork, and how these same principles can be applied at your brokerage.

CRM 2.0 | Planning for the Future

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

Earlier this year, members attended our summit to help shape the future of our CRM platform and to create a roadmap for version 2.0. During this session, John highlights major takeaways from the summit and presents wireframes, compositions and timelines for this release.

The Human Behind the Lead

Don Tennessen | Senior Instructor at Ninja Selling

Leads are more than just numbers on a page. By building relationships and following the Nijna Principles you’re more likely to convert quality leads and drive more business. Don shares the importance of touch points and different workflows that will help you exceed customer expectations every time.

Tactics for Improving Online Conversions

Jon Joseph | Project Manager at booj

Improving conversion metrics is both a science and an art. Jon shares examples and tactics for boosting conversions based on data collected from network-wide studies.

Capturing Leads Through Forced Registration

To force registration, or not to force registration, that is the question. We help answer this by taking a closer look at the pros and cons from a user’s perspective based on the strategies implemented in our network.

Ideal Practices for Converting Leads into Closings

Terra Penney | Broker LifeCycle Product Owner at booj

Terra takes an indepth look at lead assignments and response times across the network based on findings from network-wide secret shopper results. Weighing the pros and cons for the different approaches, Terra discusses the impact each model has on your business.

 The Art of Converting Sellers Into Leads

Dhruv Chanchani | Creative Director at booj

During this session, Dhruv unveils design concepts for our new AVM and Market Snapshot, and shares strategies for leveraging these tools to attract more leads.

From Listing to Lead | How to Win Your Next Listing Presentation

Mor Zucker | Realtor at Kentwood Real Estate

Mor dissects her own listing presentation to highlight how she incorporates her value proposition and how she successfully uses technology to win over her sellers.


Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Keynote Opening Address

Wil Reynolds | Founder at SEER Interactive

Wil kicks off the day by sharing tactics and tools to help take your marketing efforts to the next level. Back for his 4th year in a row, we promise Wil will not disappoint!

Leading with Content: One Post at a Time

Katelyn Shields | Inbound Marketing Lead at booj

During this session, Katelyn delves into successful content strategies being implemented across the network while focusing on building brand awareness, expanding your audience, and tracking performance.

Tapping Into the Power of Facebook Advertising

David Fluegge | Owner at Fluegge Consulting

The days of free lunch are over. Organic Reach continues to decline, so it’s more important than ever to leverage Facebook’s ad platform. During this session, David shares the benefits of paid advertising on Facebook, as well as tactics for crafting effective, targeted campaigns to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Where Buyers Come From

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

John unveils where the highest converting leads in our network are originating from and discusses how to best distribute your resources as a result.

A Perspective on the Global Affluence

Stephanie Pfeffer Anton, Executive Vice President at Luxury Portfolio International

Stephanie takes an in depth look at the global consumer and discusses how international business impacts you at the local level. To close her presentation, Stephanie shares best practices for converting luxury leads into sales and ultimately, long-term relationships.

The Science Behind Agent Adoption

Victor Lund | Founder at WAV Group and Angelica Polen | Director of Project Management at booj

During this session, Victor and Angelica discuss ways to leverage the tools on our platform to facilitate training, and how tailoring your training strategy based on data and segmentation can increase agent adoption at your brokerage.

Releases on The Enterprise Platform

Shannon Phillips | Backend Developer at booj

During this session, Shannon shares new releases on our platform, upcoming implementation plans, and tech committee initiatives for the new year.

What’s Next in The Mobile Evolution

Tyler Olmsted | Production Manager at booj

Tyler demos our latest mobile app releases, discusses future feature upgrades, and shares examples across the network of how members are successfully leveraging our apps.

Closing Address

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

John takes the stage one last time to wrap up this year’s Broker Conference and to introduce the theme for ENCON2017.


Friday, September 30th, 2016

Broker Round Table Discussion

We will be hosting a round table discussion to review CRM 2.0 compositions and to discuss the needs for a CMA product. We encourage all brokers who are staying for the Agent Summit and Awards Gala to join us.

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ENCON2016: Schedule Announced for Our Agent Summit! Agents in our network have the tools needed to stand out in a competitive market. But how are they using that to their advantage? Building on the success of ENCON, we will be hosting an Agent Summit on September 30, 2016 following our Broker Conference. The event is exclusively for agents in our network.

During this information-packed day, we will discuss how to leverage our platform to generate quality leads and increase business. By avoiding the fluff and diving head first into the trenches, agents will walk away with a clear plan of implementation for how to use our technology to make their daily workflow more efficient, how to harness the power of CRM to stay in front of clients and manage tasks, how to balance their online and offline marketing efforts, and so much more.

We're excited to announce the amazing session line-up for this year's event. Read our session line-up listed below, and find more details on our event page at Be sure to stick around for our Awards Gala that same evening where we will recognize outstanding agents in our network who have demonstrated strong leadership skills and excellence in business. This black-tie event is open to both brokers and agents, and is a great opportunity to network with other like-minded real estate professionals over dinner, drinks and great conversation. 

For more information on our two day Broker Conference, read our recent blog post highlighting the schedule of events


Agent Summit | September 30th, 2016

Opening Address

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

Kicking off our Agent Summit, John discusses this year’s theme and what to expect throughout the day.

Keynote Address

Wil Reynolds | Founder at Seer Interactive

Wil has made an unforgettable impact on the SEO and online marketing community. Coining the term #RCS (Real Company S*#$), Wil shares tactics for creating remarkable content and discusses how being a resource for your community can help attract new customers.

Leveraging Facebook Advertising to Attract Leads

Katelyn Shields | Inbound Marketing Lead at booj

Facebook Ads are one of the most cost effective ways to reach your customer base and generate new leads – if done right. Katelyn shows you how to setup custom audiences to target on Facebook and shares tactics for creating better campaigns based on audience segmentation.

Marketing Your Edge to Buyers and Sellers

Mor Zucker | Realtor at Kentwood Real Estate

Mor discusses how to leverage the right channels to better market your edge and shares her secrets for successfully attracting new customers through technology, content creation and community involvement.

The Human Behind the Lead

Don Tennessen | Senior Instructor at Ninja Selling

Leads are more than just numbers on a page. By building relationships and following the Nijna Principles you’re more likely to convert quality leads and drive more business. Don shares the importance of touch points and different workflows that will help you exceed customer expectations every time.

Harnessing the Power of CRM

John Sable | Managing Partner at booj

John shares effective strategies for organizing, tracking, and categorizing information through our CRM to assist you in better targeting your efforts. Combine that with well-thought-out triggered emails, intelligent campaigns and highly relevant content, and you can reaffirm the "care" in your brand and increase top of mind awareness for years after the sale.

Effective Use of Rebrands & IPWs

Jon Joseph | Project Manager at booj

Jon shares best practices for getting the most out of your agent website and IPWs in order to attract new business and convert more high-quality leads.

Leveraging our Mobile Apps

Tyler Olmsted | Production Manager at booj

Tyler walks you through an agent’s typical work day and how you can leverage our suite of mobile apps to gain a competitive edge and streamline business.

Awards Gala Reception

Join us for dinner and drinks as we recognize outstanding agents in our network who have demonstrated strong leadership skills and excellence in business. 

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The Group, Inc. Launches Fully-Responsive Site on Enterprise Platform If you haven’t seen it yet, we are proud to introduce you to the new and improved! The Group, Inc. Real Estate launched their new site earlier this month, further establishing themselves as a market leader for their region.

The Group, Inc. has served the Fort Collins and Northern Colorado market since 1976, and is owned equally by its sales associates and staff. They were also the first member to join our network. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come together over the years! Always at the forefront of technology, The Group’s new fully-responsive site boasts full-screen photography, a more modern look and feel, enhanced search capabilities, and much more!

Highlights of the new site include:

More Listings Than Ever Before
The Group integrated a second MLS board for their area, allowing them to expand their market coverage and offer even more listings for their users. 

Advanced Search Filters
Along with their expanded market coverage, The Group’s Advanced Search was enhanced to include more filters than anyone else in their market so users can find homes based on the criteria that matters most to them. 

Real-Time Property Alerts
Users that create an account with The Group get access to real-time property alerts, so they can know within minutes when new listings hit the market that fit their criteria. In such a hot real estate market, The Group helps ensure their customers don’t miss out on their dream home!

Content-Rich Community Pages
One of our favorite features of the new site are the enhanced community pages. For each community, you’ll find a map of the area, as well as population, lifestyle and housing data, commute times and weather.

For the main communities they serve (Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor and Greeley), they incorporated a “Places to Go” section so users visiting the site can get a better feel of what it’s like to live in the area. Theses pages highlight 150 local businesses and include places to eat, drink and shop, as well as local attractions, gyms and more! 

Their community pages also feature the most recent blog post written about the community so users can find even more information on all the great things to do in the area. 



Community-Focused Blog Content
To better showcase their expertise and local ties to the community, The Group’s blog received a design overhaul to match the look and feel of the new site. It was also rebranded to “NoCo Speaks” to represent the type of content that the blog focuses on, including local events and community guides for Northern Colorado. 

Enhanced Agent Websites and Individual Property Websites

In addition to offering a fully-responsive corporate site, The Group released responsive sites for all their agents. All Group agents have a customized site branded to them, with the same core technology built into This ensures a consistent experience across all Group sites, and allows their agents to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering a robust search system, account integration and more.

To match the look and feel of the new site, The Group enhanced their individual property websites (IPWs), too. Group listings receive their own IPW to better showcase the homes they represent. Each IPW incorporates professional photography, detailed property information, a map of the home’s location, and an overview of the community.

See It For Yourself!
These are just a few of the new features available on Visit them online to see for yourself!

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Introducing Our Newest Member, Stark Company Realtors! We are excited to officially announce the recent site launch of our newest member, Stark Company Realtors! Serving the South Central Wisconsin region since 1908, Stark Company Realtors is the oldest and one of the largest real estate firms in the area. As a family run business, the foundation of their company is built on trust and a dedication to serving the community they live in and love.

With the launch of their new site, Stark Company Realtors remains committed to helping people move from the life they have to the life they want. The new and improved boasts a fully-responsive design for easy viewing on any device, a simple, clean and modern design, and much more!

Site features include:

Simplified Navigation

To streamline the design of their site and to keep users focused on searching for homes, Stark Company Realtors implemented a unique sidebar navigation. Rather than the traditional navigation along the top, users who want more detailed information related to the home buying and selling process can easily find that in the site’s side-bar navigation.

The sidebar is available as a dropdown and provides quick access to their robust search capabilities, agent roster, the services Stark Company Realtors provides to buyers and sellers, careers, and more. By utilizing this style of navigation, Stark Company Realtors can provide more information without overwhelming customers engaged with their site.

Robust Map Search

Along with an advanced search that allows users to filter homes by criteria that matters most to them, Stark Company Realtors introduced a more interactive way to search for homes based on location. Integrating data like never before, their map search allows users to find homes based on points of interest such as schools, parks and hospitals, or their desired zip code. All listings appear in a map view so users can visualize a home’s location to see if it fits their needs.

Detailed Property Statuses

Prior to their most recent site launch, Stark Company Realtors offered property status banners for all listings. Users on their site can easily see, at-a-glance, "New Listings", "Price Reduced" and "Sold" properties. Taking this one step further, Stark Company Realtors gives users the option to view listings with a status of “Offer Bump” or “Offer Show”, providing the most accurate status for listings in the area.

As part of the launch, property banners were enhanced and incorporated into their new site as well to help buyers see the most up-to-date statuses for properties of interest to them.

Professional Photography

Imagery plays such an important role when it comes to buying and selling homes. Therefore, Stark Company Realtors’ homepage boasts full-screen, profressional photography. To better showcase their beautiful listings, all Stark Company Realtors listings use professional photography as well to give buyers a better feel of each home’s unique characteristics.

Enhanced Property Details Pages

Along with full-screen photography, Stark Company Realtor listings incorporate a virtual tour to create a more engaging experience for potential buyers. All listings on their site, whether represented by Stark Company Realtors or not, also share the details of the home, a map of its location, easy access to the mortgage calculator, and a list of similar properties. From the details page, users can schedule a showing or request more information so they don’t miss out on a home they love!

Agent Roster

Users who are interested in working with a specific agent can easily find that information on the site’s agent roster. The agent roster lists all their associates along with their contact information, credentials, testimonials, and current and sold listings. Agents will soon have their own dedicated website that incorporates the core technology built into as well!

More Coming Soon!

The launch of their new site was done in just two months and is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of both teams needed to pull off a successful site launch! Stark Company Realtors will soon be releasing their community pages for those interested in learning more about the area, as well as their suite of mobile apps to create a more engaging and cohesive brand experience for customers on-the-go.

To see all the new features for yourself, be sure to visit them online at

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