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The Difference is in The App

The Difference is in The App

#ENCON2013 was a great success thanks to the hard work of our staff and our amazing speakers this year! What makes this event different than others is our ability to customize the content to the audience so all attendees left with clear, actionable strategies that applied directly to their technology platform and business initiatives.

While this is typical for every Enterprise Network conference we host, what made this event truly unique was the inclusion of a custom app created entirely for The Enterprise Network Conference by our in-house mobile department.

Every attendee was given an iPad mini, which came preloaded with our custom conference app and waiting for them at their seat when they arrived. This app offered additional resources, increased engagement and helped attendees learn more about each other.

The iPad app was also personalized to each attendee and was waiting for them at their seat when they arrived. Each attendee had a profile inside the app, which they could update at any time. The profile includes their name, title, email, social networking accounts, biography and more.

The app had seven main sections, which helped attendees engage further with the content and learn more about others to aid with their relationship building.


The schedule not only allowed for attendees to at-a-glance see what the plan was for the day, but had links to learn more about the presenters. Within the presentation, attendees could share slides, take notes and view further resources. By pressing the “Live Sync” button the slides would sync with the presenter and change as the presenter moved through slides allowing attendees to easily follow along with each session.




The seating chart section on the app helped attendees find their seat and learn more about who they were seated with each day. By pressing on a desired table, they were able to meet everyone at their table through links to their profile which appeared in a lightbox.




The social section had a live streaming feed of the conference hashtag #ENCON2013 allowing attendees to easily contribute to the online conversation via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.




Every presentation had additional resources that would aid in the implementation of each session’s major takeaways. Attendees could click through to the resources section to view all the resources associated with different presentation. Links included extended reading, video links, training documents and more.




The app came pre-populated with key takeaways from each session. Attendees were also able to add their own notes that could easily be emailed or added to a to-do list.




Through the directory section attendees could learn more about everyone in attendance by viewing their bios. The directory was divided into sections for speakers, Enterprise Network members and boojers. There was also a lifestyle section that allowed attendees to find people with interests outside of selling real estate.




The flag section displayed a picture of the attendees brokerage logo. At the beginning of the conference all attendees were asked to hold their flag above their head to show who all makes up The Enterprise Network.



The app and presentations were well received by all attendees, and booj received great feedback on the conference as a whole. By implementing the app we saw a major increase in the participation on social networking sites compared to previous years. It also served as a great resource for all attendees.

If you were in attendance, what did you like most about the app?

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