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The Enterprise Network Partners with EnerScore

The Enterprise Network Partners with EnerScore

We are proud to announce our recent partnership with EnerScore. EnerScore provides an energy performance rating that allows home buyers, sellers and renters to get an idea of a home’s energy efficiency and estimated energy costs.

Through their algorithm that uses home property data from public records, EnerScore estimates the energy performance of a home based on the type and dates of construction, square footage, fuel type, lighting, heating and cooling systems, as well as other components of the home. To ensure the most accurate results, it does not take into account occupant usage as that is influenced heavily by their individual behavior and can be misleading.

Enerscore's estimates create an "A" - "F" rating, and provides a breakdown of projected costs. If a homeowner wants to increase their home's value by improving its EnerScore, they can work with one of EnerScore's local, qualified experts to get a home energy assessment and recommendations for the most cost effective energy performance improvements. 

While upgrading the energy efficiency of a home is a financial investment, it can help to greatly reduce energy bills over the long run and raise the home’s value. Through greater transparency, EnerScore hopes to get people thinking about energy when deciding where to live.

Members who implement the EnerScore API will be able to include this data on their listings to help make home energy use more visible to their customers. By providing this service through their site, users will be able to get a better picture of the costs associated with a particular property and can take that information into account when purchasing a home within their desired budget. On the flip side, sellers who receive a less than ideal EnerScore can find ways to improve their home’s efficiency in order to increase their home’s value before listing.

This is just the beginning for EnerScore. Soon, they will provide additional information, such as the grades of homes in any selected neighborhood through a color coded pin map. For more information on EnerScore, visit them online at

About Our Preferred Partner Program

The Enterprise Network is committed to providing value to our members beyond just the technology available through our platform — which is why we've partnered with other like-minded companies who share our mission and values.

All candidates undergo a detailed evaluation process to ensure partner companies provide the highest level of quality to our members. Partners are evaluated on the quality of their product/service, performance, customer satisfaction, and their plans for continued innovation. The partners we hand select to be a part of this exclusive program are other best-in-class companies who offer products and services that will help take each member's business to the next level and keep them competitive.

For more information on our preferred partners or to inquire about becoming a partner, please contact our team today!

8/16/2016 • By +Amanda Zaske

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