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The Enterprise Network Partners with Giveback Homes to Build Homes for Families in Need

The Enterprise Network Partners with Giveback Homes to Build Homes for Families in Need

There are certain things that we sometimes take for granted. Clean clothes, a hot meal, a roof over our heads. The latter really struck “home” for me recently. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to work alongside Habitat for Humanity and Giveback Homes to help build a home for a Denver family. It was a humbling experience.

To give you a little back story, we recently partnered with Giveback Homes, an organization dedicated to building homes for families across the country and internationally. Inspired by their work at TOMS Shoes, Giveback Homes is the first real estate social good company that builds homes for families in need, fueled by the passion of real estate professionals.

Giveback Homes has built 38 homes in Nicaragua and coordinated numerous build days in the U.S. in their first two years. A great accomplishment for sure, but what we love most about the organization is the fact that 100% of donations go directly to Habitat for Humanity builds. That’s not something you see everyday and it’s definitely something we wanted to support. So with that, we’ve made the decision to fund a build with each new market we open moving forward.

Leading by example, we organized our first build in our own backyard on Saturday, September 26th. Our team of 20 volunteers worked together under the hot Colorado sun with the end goal of building a safe home for Heather, a single mother of three.

Heather was there working alongside us, a labor of love for her family no doubt. As a single mother, Heather struggles to find adequate housing for her family. She currently rents an apartment, but it has a long list of issues including mold, poor insulation, and high crime rates in the neighborhood. Heather’s is not an uncommon story, unfortunately, as many people are finding it more and more difficult to afford safe housing in Denver’s growing economy.

Heather’s story was inspiring, and throughout the day we heard countless stories of other families Habitat for Humanity has helped over the years. Mark, the volunteer assigned to my group, shared some amazing accounts of strength, determination and resolve. Listening to him recall all those he has helped in his 10 years as a volunteer was the encouragement we needed to get through the hard day’s work.

After a long day of roofing, building and hammering, we were all exhausted, dirty and a little sore. But we walked away from the build knowing we had a hand in helping change the course of history for Heather and her family. That day, we also learned that a home is built every four minutes by Habitat for Humanity, and we are so honored to have played a part in making that possible.

There is still work to be done on Heather’s new home, but it is scheduled to be completed by late November/early December -- just in time to spend the holidays in her new home with her children. To learn more about Giveback homes, their mission, and how to get involved, be sure to visit them online at


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