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The Next Generation of Webinar Recap

The Next Generation of Webinar Recap

NP Dodge Real Estate launched a new website, mobile apps and tools for their buyers, sellers and agents in early February of 2012. New to The Enterprise Network Platform, they created “The Next Generation” to get the word out to the entire Omaha real estate community. This campaign was named after their 156 years in business and five generations of Dodge leadership.

The results have been powerful for their brand awareness and SEO. Currently, their mobile apps for Android and iPhone have received more downloads than anyone else in The Enterprise Network, in the shortest period of time.

Last Friday we hosted a members-only webinar with NP Dodge’s Director of Digital Innovation, Rob Wiebusch, to give members a greater understanding of their technology and the tactics used to promote their new site. Rob demonstrated the new functionality released, discussed the strategy and application behind “The Next Generation” and answered questions from network members. Other webinar highlights included NP Dodge's campaign strategy that used events, public relations, advertising and social media.


Premiere Event

NP Dodge saw the launch of their new site as an opportunity to create buzz around their new technology and position themselves as the innovative brokerage for the Omaha real estate market. They wanted to make the launch glamourous and exciting and accomplished this by hosting the premiere of the new site at a local movie theater, complete with search lights that lit up the Omaha city night sky. Guests were also treated to a cocktail party and a raffle to win iPad Minis.

This event was open to the public and NP Dodge Real Estate was able to increase their attendance beyond their agents by inviting local media to attend. Leading up to the event, NP Dodge had a strong presence on Facebook, some of which was generated through a Facebook Event. This turned out to be a great recruiting tool since many agents from competing brokerages attended the event.   

The premiere of their new site was a great success! You can see a recap of the event below, which was posted on NP Dodge's Facebook page.

Young Professionals After Party

NP Dodge Real Estate set a goal to increase their mobile app downloads by positioning it as a valuable app, whether you’re looking for a new home or not. One way they accomplished this was by hosting a Young Professionals after party. They were able to collect email addresses, as well as get instant downloads by having a drawing for iPad Minis. NP Dodge’s iTeam, a group of agents who were most involved in the technology training, were given t-shirts to wear at the event.


Other ways they are promoting “The Next Generation” of was through advertisements. First was a billboard placed at 72nd and Dodge, the busiest intersection in Omaha. Then they drew inspiration from Ebby Halliday Realtors and wrapped buses with information about their new app and technology. As an added benefit, these buses will be used when the College World Series comes to town to transport people to and from the stadium, all while the ESPN helicopters are soaring above them capturing aerial footage.

The most notable advertising tactic was being a part of the biggest game of the year, the Superbowl. They created this video that was played between the 3rd and the 4th quarter of the game.

Social Integration

NP Dodge has done an amazing job with their Facebook page throughout “The Next Generation” promotions. During the webinar, Rob also discussed how they've increased the longevity of the campaign by posting about their site functionality, sharing pictures of their bus and billboard advertisements, and more. They have also been incorporating video by sharing a recap of the premiere party and their Superbowl advertisement.

This was another great member webinar with a lot of ideas that other brokerages can start implementing as part of their own marketing strategy. What did you think of the webinar and “The Next Generation” campaign?


Enterprise Network members: If you missed this webinar and would like to watch the full recorded version, please ask your project manager for access.

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