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Usability Lab: The Ideal Sitemap

Usability Lab: The Ideal Sitemap

Tom Flanagan, from Residential Properties, wrote an interesting article for Inman News about the importance of improving your website’s usability. Within the article, Tom highlighted  one of The Enterprise Network’s usability report released to members.

To give you some background information, The Enterprise Network partnered with Tobii Technology in 2009 in order to further develop our Usability Lab. Tobii’s eye tracking technology is the latest in usability testing and has helped make companies like Google, Microsoft and Ebay leaders in their respective markets. The first company in the real estate realm utilizing this eye tracking system, The Enterprise Network can now scientifically measure how customers are interacting with our sites.

As a result, the Usability Department has conducted several studies to test the overall effectiveness of Enterprise sites. Through the use of Tobii’s eye tracking system and various other methods, we can now make educated decisions on how to best position our brands online.

During Tom’s article, he mentioned our most recent report that focused on sitemap and navigation. The report addressed the most efficient main navigation style, best sitemap structure and best practices for content – just to name a few. The goal of the study was to allow customers from a wide range of ages and web experiences to tell us how they expect content on a real estate website to be organized.

By utilizing card sorting and the eye tracking system, our study produced a user-generated sitemap we refer to as, “The Ideal Sitemap”.

The Enterprise Network understands that the key to our success is our customers. Through our Usability Department and the Usability Lab, we’re taking huge strides in becoming a truly customer-centric company. There is no denying that our customers’ needs have evolved. In order to maintain the high level of service we want associated with our brands, we must meet the demand of our users. Through these studies, we’ve been able to do just that by taking what we’ve learned and making improvements to our sites. As a result, Enterprise Network members gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

3/15/2013 • By +Amanda Zaske

Categories: Usability, Design

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