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Using Google to Generate Content Ideas That Are Helpful for Your Audience

Using Google to Generate Content Ideas That Are Helpful for Your Audience

Google can be an excellent tool to gain insight into what people are searching for and what questions they have. Today's Pulpisode is discussing how to use Google to generate content ideas that are HELPFUL for your audience!

Building content based on what people are searching for and the questions that people have in your industry can really help you build an audience. You may remember me mentioning this tool before when I talked about using Google’s auto complete to find community topics to write about in your city. Today, taking a slightly different spin, I wanted to share how you can also use this tool to find industry-related questions that your potential customers are having. Once you know what questions are out there, you'll be able to create content that answers them, helping you become a resource for your industry.

So, we all use Google like a magic eightball sometimes: should I go to college?, How do I lose five pounds?, or should I date a republican or a democrate? :)

We ask search engines the questions we have in hopes of getting some insight on what other people have written about or experienced. So, ask yourself: do you know what types of questions are taking place in your industry? What questions do people have when they’re searching for a home, or thinking about selling a home? Or when they’ve just graduated college and don’t know what the next step is as far as buying vs renting goes.

Google automatically shows you popular searches when you begin typing, and if you don’t hit enter you’ll begin to see them. For example, "Should I buy a house with..." And you'll get something like: mold, termites, a pool, and cash.


Using this tool will provide excellent topics for you to write about that will be helpful for your industry. You'll be able to gain insight into your potential customers questions, answer them and begin building trust with your community. That’s your tip for this week! Hopefully that gives you some writing inspiration. I'll be back next week with more little "tips" for your online marketing success!




4/23/2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Categories: Content Strategy, Marketing

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