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Using Twitter's Geo Location Search to Find Local Users

Using Twitter's Geo Location Search to Find Local Users

When it comes to finding local, relevant users on Twitter to follow and engage with, using Twitter's geo-location advanced search feature can be a lifesaver!

Video Transcript:

This week I wanted to talk about using Twitter’s geo-location to filter your searches to find local users talking about your topic. As a local business, finding local people that are either influencers in your space or just potential customers can be really beneficial.

Ideally, you want to find those people that are interested in investing in real estate or looking for a new home, or just have questions that you can answer for them. This will help you become a resource for the information they’re looking for and help you build relationships. Using Twitter's advanced search, you can enter in specific words, phrases or hashtags. You can search through certain users if you like, during a certain time frame, and most importantly, from a specific location. This allows you to pinpoint those potential customers that are tweeting questions or comments related to your industry, and then you can tweet back to them. You can even specify only tweets that are asking a question if you like. So help these users find the answers they're looking for, or just begin building a relationship with them and follow them.

This is a great step to grow your following with local, relevant users on Twitter. That’s your tip for this week. Hopefully that helps! We’ll see you next time!


4/16/2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Categories: Content Strategy, Marketing, Social Media

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