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What I learned at #MarTech13

What I learned at #MarTech13

As a developer, I know that a lot of the cliches the public has come to know and love about our kind are all too true. We thrive in the off hours of the night, we are most at home when we are “plugged in” (as it has become coined thanks to The Social Network), and we pride ourselves on being able solve the impossible. That is why I always jump at the chance to see how something we’ve developed with our own blood, sweat and tears actually affects our users.

This year I was invited to speak at NP Dodge’s MarTech 2013,  a conference centered around realtor education and technology. My session highlighted how today’s modern agent can use our technology platform to stay competitive.

During my presentation I make this point: agents may or may not be ready to adopt technology into their workflow, but home buyers already have. Some agents are fearful of change, but this point was a common sentiment amongst this group far before I showed up. Based my experience at the event, NP Dodge agents seem to be eager to improve their daily process and are true experts in their market.

Along with having a good grasp on what they needed to do to maintain an effective online presence, I found them asking the right questions and giving valuable feedback on everything from their website and social presence, to what we could do to keep our mobile apps ahead of the curve.

Interacting firsthand with agents and getting their perspective on what technology works in their daily routine was one of the best parts of this event. Although I went to Omaha to teach agents about the importance of adopting new technologies, there were several things I learned as well. I learned that it doesn’t matter how much usability research we do during a product’s development; if the product doesn’t serve a purpose for the end user we have missed our mark.

What I walked away with can be summed up with this phrase:

“Make sure every tool and piece of technology you use serves a purpose. Intention is what sets you apart.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I love seeing a company that has the kind of energy needed to keep raising the bar (and making sure we’re doing the same).

10/29/2013 • By +Tyler Olmsted

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