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Taking Control of Your Reputation

Taking Control of Your Online Reputation

Online reviews can have a big impact on the decision process for consumers. Today Katelyn is discussing how to be proactive about improving your online reputation! Video Transcript: Hi everyone, welcome back to The Pulp, my name is Katelyn. Today I wanted to talk to you about managing your business listings and your online reputation. Reviews can be a powerful tool in the decision process for consumers. If a business has enough bad reviews it’s likely they’re losing business. Which is why we freak out when we’ve received a bad one! Unfortunately when it comes to ... MORE

May 14th, 2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Syncing Contacts with LinkedIn Contacts

Syncing Your Business Contacts with LinkedIn Contacts

A professional social network and a CRM?! Check out all that you can do when you sync your emails accounts, address books and calendars to your LinkedIn Contacts. Video Trascript: Today I wanted to talk about keeping your contacts organized in one place using LinkedIn Contacts. With LinkedIn you can take your connections and sync them to your email accounts, address books, and even calendars to keep your relationships organized. Once you do this, you’ll be able to go into a LinkedIn connection's profile and see your last email communications and scheduled meetings, you&... MORE

May 7th, 2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

John R. Wood Realtors Launches New Site

John R. Wood Properties Launches New Site on Enterprise Platform

We’re thrilled to announce that after months of planning and development the new site for John R. Wood Properties is now live on The Enterprise Platform! John R. Wood has been serving the Naples, Florida region for more than 55 years. They're also one of the largest real estate brokerages in the area with more than 10 offices and almost 400 agents throughout Southwest Florida. John R. Wood has been recognized as the #1 brokerage in the nation for sales per agent, and attributes this success to their team’s commitment to quality and customer-service. Therefore, evolving to... MORE

May 6th, 2014 • By +Amanda Zaske

 Enterprise Network Members Mentioned in the REAL Trends 500

77% of Enterprise Network Members Mentioned in the REAL Trends 500

This week at the Gathering of Eagles ceremony, the annual REAL Trends 500 report was released. This list is the most trusted standard for measuring the performance of the nation’s leading realty firms and identifies the largest and most successful residential real estate brokerages.   We are ecstatic that 24 of our members were included in the list. We congratulate them on their dedication to increasing standards in the real estate industry and demonstrating their ability to evolve with market conditions and customer expectations.   Below you will find our members&rsqu... MORE

May 2nd, 2014 • By +Guest Blogger

Enterprise Network Member Series Kicks Off

Enterprise Network Member Series Kicks Off

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin One of the many things that differentiates The Enterprise Network in the real estate industry is the relationships we build with our members. Not only do we work to provide the best technology platform, we also work to understand the goals of the individuals we work with as well as the business models and unique market conditions of each area. While we get to interact personally with so many of our members each year at our annual conference, we thought it would be a gre... MORE

May 1st, 2014 • By +Amanda Zaske

RIP Net Neutrality

RIP Net Neutrality: What This Means for Real Estate

Internet critics are in an uproar due to a recent decision by a federal appeals court that appears to have struck down the FCC’s previous Open Internet Order. The argument was over free and open communication on the web and trying to prevent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from playing favorites among websites. For instance, awarding faster speeds to sites that pay a special fee. Or, as consumer groups fear, slowing or blocking sites and services that compete with favored affiliates. I sat down with Tyler Olmsted, our frontend production manager, to discuss what it all means and how... MORE

April 30th, 2014 • By +Amanda Zaske

Finding Great Review Sources

How To Find Great Review Sources for Your Industry

It's important to find the right review websites for your industry so you know exactly where you need to be. Today Katelyn is sharing some tips on how to do that and why it's important!   While customer reviews on any site across the web can be good to have, not all review sites are created equal and ideally you want to find the right sites for your industry. Some sites will count more with Google than others, particularly websites with a strong brand name or with an industry-specific influence. There are two very simple ways to determine the most important review sit... MORE

April 30th, 2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Using Google to Generate Content Ideas

Using Google to Generate Content Ideas That Are Helpful for Your Audience

Google can be an excellent tool to gain insight into what people are searching for and what questions they have. Today's Pulpisode is discussing how to use Google to generate content ideas that are HELPFUL for your audience! Building content based on what people are searching for and the questions that people have in your industry can really help you build an audience. You may remember me mentioning this tool before when I talked about using Google’s auto complete to find community topics to write about in your city. Today, taking a slightly different spin, I wanted to sha... MORE

April 23rd, 2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Using Twitter's Geo Location Search

Using Twitter's Geo Location Search to Find Local Users

When it comes to finding local, relevant users on Twitter to follow and engage with, using Twitter's geo-location advanced search feature can be a lifesaver! Video Transcript: This week I wanted to talk about using Twitter’s geo-location to filter your searches to find local users talking about your topic. As a local business, finding local people that are either influencers in your space or just potential customers can be really beneficial. Ideally, you want to find those people that are interested in investing in real estate or looking for a new home, or just have ... MORE

April 16th, 2014 • By +Katelyn Shields

Windermere Foundation Charity Challenge

Windermere Foundation Charity Challenge: Vote Now!

Windermere Real Estate/Tri-Cities needs your help! Vote daily from today to April 4th for Benton Franklin Community Action Committee Housing Services to win $25,000! To celebrate the Windermere Foundation’s 25th anniversary, Windermere challenged their offices to nominate non-profit organizations to compete in a charity challenge. They then broke up Windermere’s ten-state footprint into five regions and selected 3-5 non-profits in each region to compete. There will be one winning non-profit from each of the five regions, resulting in a total donation of $125,000 from the Winder... MORE

March 19th, 2014 • By +Guest Blogger

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