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Meet us in San Francisco Next Week!

Meet our Team in San Francisco Next Week!

Watch out San Francisco, here we come! We are joining real estate professionals from across the country at the National Association of REALTORS ®  (NAR) / REALTORS® Conference & Expo. The conference will focus on their theme “Rise to New Heights” and will have 100 educational sessions to help attendees reach success and prepare their business for tomorrow. We have enjoyed this conference in past years and love the networking opportunities it has to offer. Therefore, our team will be in San Francisco November 7th - 11th and we would love to talk to you about b... MORE

October 30th, 2013 • By +Guest Blogger

What I learned at #MarTech13

What I learned at #MarTech13

As a developer, I know that a lot of the cliches the public has come to know and love about our kind are all too true. We thrive in the off hours of the night, we are most at home when we are “plugged in” (as it has become coined thanks to The Social Network), and we pride ourselves on being able solve the impossible. That is why I always jump at the chance to see how something we’ve developed with our own blood, sweat and tears actually affects our users. This year I was invited to speak at NP Dodge’s MarTech 2013,  a conference centered around realtor educatio... MORE

October 29th, 2013 • By +Tyler Olmsted

Reality Check: Balancing Your Online World With the Real One

Reality Check: Balancing Your Online World With the Real One

I had the great pleasure to attend the inaugural NP Dodge MarTECH summit on Monday in Omaha. It was a terrific event that focused on the latest technologies and business practices for real estate agents. Over 275 NP Dodge agents attended this event … showcasing once again what a terrific leader this Enterprise Network member is in their Omaha marketplace. Although I was busy for most of the day introducing CRM to the agents in attendance, I did have the opportunity to attend the keynote presentation by Jeff Turner, President of RealSatisfied North America, Director of Strategy a... MORE

October 24th, 2013 • By +Guest Blogger

Announcing the Holiday Blog Swap 2013

Announcing The Enterprise Network Holiday Blog Swap 2013

We’re excited to announce that our Annual Holiday Blog Swap will be held on December 17th, 2013! Every year we come together as a Network and write about a critical topic facing our industry. Enterprise Network members trade blogs for a day, giving consumers and real estate professionals a full spectrum of the topic and an opportunity to join the conversation. This year, coming off our conference “The Journey into Mobile,” we’ve decided to continue the discussion around mobile trends and how it’s impacting real estate. Get ready for ‘Destination Mobile&rs... MORE

October 17th, 2013 • By +Katelyn Wheaton

Watch Our Conference Highlight Video!

Watch Our Conference Highlight Video!

#ENCON2013 has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the conversation has to stop! Over the next several weeks, we will be posting blog articles related to the conference so we can continue the discussion and expand on session topics related to the theme "The Journey Into Mobile". Mobile is changing the way we communicate with customers and the way we conduct business, so there's no shortage of things to talk about! This year's theme was very timely as we've seen a substantial increase in mobile traffic to Enterprise sites over the past year. During the event, ... MORE

September 20th, 2013 • By +Amanda Zaske

The Difference is in The App

The Difference is in The App

#ENCON2013 was a great success thanks to the hard work of our staff and our amazing speakers this year! What makes this event different than others is our ability to customize the content to the audience so all attendees left with clear, actionable strategies that applied directly to their technology platform and business initiatives. While this is typical for every Enterprise Network conference we host, what made this event truly unique was the inclusion of a custom app created entirely for The Enterprise Network Conference by our in-house mobile department. Every attendee was given an ... MORE

September 17th, 2013 • By +Guest Blogger

Building Something Rich: Content Marketing

Building Something Rich: Strategies for Better Content Marketing

This year I had the pleasure of getting on stage at The Enterprise Network annual conference. I discussed the campaign Bugaboo launched called Day Trips which helped parents stay active, involving the local community. What really struck me after watching the video was how the Marketing Director described the entire campaign. She said that it was something they built that was beyond advertising, it was about giving back. She described it as being “something that is so rich and so a part of the company…” How amazing is that word? Rich. It makes me wonder how much of ... MORE

September 12th, 2013 • By +Katelyn Wheaton

Break On Through to the Other Side

ENCON2013: Break On Through to the Other Side

I thought since Christy did such a great followup post with a musically-inspired title (and really, who doesn’t love the Romantics?), I thought I’d follow in her well-written footsteps. Break on through to the other side strikes two chords: One for me professionally … and one for our many network members as we together try to solve the puzzle of moving our training and education efforts across the divide and up to a new level. It is a small group of people that can experience an Enterprise Network conference from both sides of the fence … as a network member &helli... MORE

September 11th, 2013 • By +Guest Blogger

#ENCON2013: What I like About You

#ENCON2013: What I like About You

Preparing for my presentation on brand loyalty had me nervous. Yes, it was something I was passionate about, but would others relate? I looked at all of the other presentations and saw so many tangible take-aways; so many real tools and products. Would my emotional, intangible idea take hold the same way I knew the other presentations would?  As soon as I took the stage though, my fears subsided. I realized that everyone in the audience could and did relate to brand loyalty. Everyone has a brand or product they love, and it was my hope that everyone was th... MORE

September 10th, 2013 • By +Christy Oliver

#ENCON2013 What to Expect

#ENCON2013 What to Expect

Next week is #ENCON2013! Are you prepared, excited? After the long labor day weekend, our Annual Enterprise Network Conference begins. This conference has been growing in size every year and is unique compared to other real estate technology conferences.  If you have never been in attendance, here’s some information on what you can expect at #ENCON2013. Expect customized content. Since all network members share the same technology platform, the content will be entirely customized to you. We will focus on mobile best practices and will release the latest mobile statistics on... MORE

August 28th, 2013 • By +Guest Blogger

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