Move beyond the hype and discover new ways to harness big data and establish a data-driven culture at #ENCON2014.


The amount of data available to us in today’s world is tremendous and will no doubt change the way people search for real estate in the future. Therefore, 2014’s theme is “Big Data – The Power of T.E.N” and our annual conference will focus on analyzing this data to gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

Data is everywhere, from the card you swipe to what you search for on the web. Understanding user data can enrich the customer experience and provide more personalized, targeted marketing. Smart agents of the future will harness this data to build deeper relationships with their customers.


Other conferences throughout the year cover the latest trends impacting your business, but no where else can you learn how to effectively use the technologies available on our platform to keep you ahead of these trends. Not only will our sessions be tailored to your specific needs, but we share actionable strategies that you can implement upon your return.

The power of The Enterprise Network also comes from our ability to share internal processes and learn from one another. Other attendees deal with similar challenges, and this event provides the space to ask questions, get involved in the conversation and learn from one another’s experiences.





Our two day event will help prepare attendees for the future of our industry as big data continues to impact the customer experience. Here’s a sneak peek at our event schedule!



  • Welcome Address: What is big data and what does it mean for real estate?
    9:00am John Sable, Managing Partner, booj
    Kicking off day one of the conference, John discusses the theme for this year’s event and the impact big data will have on our industry moving forward.
  • Out Caring Your Competition
    9:15am Wil Reynolds, Co-Founder, Seer Interactive
    Winning on the web involves more than just your overall SEO and content strategy. Building on one of last year’s most popular sessions, Wil returns to discuss how out caring your competitor matters just as much as the skills and tools you use to rank high on Google.
  • Becoming A REsource For Your Local Market
    10:15am Helen Gray, Marketing Director, The Group, Inc. Real Estate
    Helen shares The Group’s plans for opening a REsource office to better serve their local community. Whether they’re new in town, just visiting, or a lifelong resident, The Group will answer any questions a potential customer may have about real estate, or provide concierge-like services to those just needing community information.
  • Mapping The Customer Journey
    11:00am Angelica Polen, Senior Project Manager, booj
    Angelica analyzes the lifecycle of your customers and shares how to better understand the workflow of your services to create a better customer experience.
  • Turning Big Data Into Viral Marketing
    11:35am Edward Kim, CEO, Six Spoke Media
    Edward Kim, CEO of Six Spoke Media, shares insight into how they leveraged information collected through social data mining to create a successful media strategy for Sony.
  • 12:15pm Networking Luncheon
  • Big Data SEO
    1:35pm Katelyn Shields, Inbound Marketing Lead, booj
    In the ever-evolving SEO landscape, staying up-to-date on the latest strategies is necessary in order to maintain your position on the SERPs. Katelyn discusses the changes Google made this year and our plans for 2014 and beyond.
  • Digital Body Language
    2:15pm Mike King, Digital Marketing Consultant, iPullRank
    Harnessing the power of lead qualification and nurturing, Mike shares tips and tools to use data profiling for good, not evil.
  • Mastering Data-Driven Content
    2:55pm Jonathan Joseph, CEO, UseUX
    Through data profiling, you’re able to scientifically answer the question: what do I publish and when? Jon shares methodologies for creating data-driven content from a global perspective all the way down to a tailored message to individual users on your site.
  • Designing By Numbers
    3:55pm Abby Barry, Senior Designer, booj
    Data driven design is at the heart of our creative process. During this session, Abby discusses our usability methodologies and their benefits for creating a better user experience.
  • Ninja Principles and Database Management
    4:25pm Larry Kendall, Founder, Ninja Selling
    Ninja Selling is based on a philosophy of building relationships, listening to the customer, and helping them achieve their goals. During his session, Larry shares industry best practices and how top ninjas are using database management to build better customer relationships.
  • 5:30pm Team Building & Social Hour


  • Metrics, Monkeys And Marketing
    9:00am John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist, Mailchimp
    Data collected through Mailchimp is rich in insight, and includes everything from abuse-prevention to automated segmentation and content optimization. John shares the trends his team has discovered and how you can use this information to increase engagement.
  • Book Signing
    All attendees are invited to the stage to get a signed copy of John's book, Data Smart: Using Data To Transform Information Into Insight.
  • CRM & Broker LifeCycle Roadmap
    10:20am John Sable, Managing Partner, booj
    John takes the stage and discusses the evolution of CRM and Broker LifeCycle and how big data is shaping future releases on the platform.
  • The Mobile Journey Continues
    11:00am Ryan Wedig, Director of Mobile Development, booj
    Ryan gives a demo of our latest mobile apps, shares insight into our app analytics, and reveals what’s in store for future app development in 2015.
  • A Day In The Life Of A Modern Agent
    11:30am Tyler Olmsted, Frontend Production Manager, booj
    Wrapping up the morning sessions, Tyler role plays how today's agent can use the tools on our platform to gain a competitive edge.
  • 11:55am Networking Luncheon
  • Syndication: The Elephant In The Room
    1:15pm John Sable, Managing Partner, booj
    Starting with a brief history and our stance on syndication over the years, John discusses the nature of real estate purchases nowadays, and the different strategies to gain a competitive edge.
  • Panel: The Syndication Debate
    1:35pm Victor Lund, Partner, Wavgroup & Rhett Damon, VP of Industry Relations, Move Inc.
    Always a hot topic of discussion, top consultants in the industry take the stage to share their different perspectives on syndication.
  • Changing The Recruiting Game: Moneyball for Real Estate
    2:15pm Tyler Olmsted, Frontend Production Manager, booj
    Tyler shares how to use data to tailor your strategy for recruiting the right type of agent and retaining existing agents for the long haul based on lessons learned from Moneyball.
  • Agent Adoption Trends in Real Estate
    3:10pm Travis Saxton, Marketing and Technology Manager, REAL Trends
    After analyzing and interpreting the data collected for the REAL Trends Online Performance Study, Travis shares his research on agent adoption across the industry.
  • Successfully Rolling Out Big Initiatives
    3:40pm Carolyn Blanco-Losada, Director of Client Services, booj & Dave Wilson, CTO, Lyon Real Estate
    To increase adoption, it’s key to form a strategy incorporating cyclical training and support for your agents. Carolyn and Dave help walk you through ideal methodologies for releasing new technology on our platform.
  • New Releases On The Enterprise Platform
    4:20pm James Olson, Director of Research and Development, booj
    James discusses the latest mapping and admin releases, new reporting features and our implementation plans for 2015.
  • Closing Address
    4:50pm John Sable, Managing Partner, booj
    As the conference comes to an end, John takes the stage one last time to discuss key takeaways from this year’s event.
  • Networking Group Dinner
    6:00pm Meet in hotel lobby
    As the conference comes to an end, we have organized a group dinner for all attendees to give everyone a chance to unwind after two action-packed days over great food, drinks and conversation. Guard & Grace is a modern steakhouse with an emphasis on wood-fired dishes.


Check out our keynote speaker line-up. These are just a few of the brilliant minds speaking at this year’s event!


SEER Interactive

Chief Data Scientist

Digital Marketing Consultant

WAV Group Partner and CEO

Marketing and Technology Manager
REAL Trends

Six Spoke Media

VP of Industry Relations
Move, Inc.

Ninja Selling


The Ritz-Carlton, Denver
1881 Curtis Street
Denver, Colorado 80202



The Ritz-Carlton hotel is located in downtown Denver and offers guests convenient access to the 16th Street Mall pedestrian mall, museums and an endless array of outdoor activities.

Room reservations must be made by Tuesday, October 28, 2014. The Ritz-Carlton is offering preferred pricing to all conference attendees at the reduced rate of $239/night.


Our event is open to Enterprise Network members only. To RSVP, please fill out the form below. This is one event you won't want to miss!